Is it that we do not know any better or we just refuse to do any better?

We know exactly what needs to be done, but will we do it? America, why are our communities so dirty, from the inside out? Is it easy or hard to see covered up? Do you really think your fine buildings are any indication into your character? Donald Trump wouldn't have a worry would he? Do you think your fine estates are any indication of your character? Your arrogant attitude? Inflation? Going along with the program? Not making any waves? You are right, yes they are and in every case they are your down fall? Do you call this system we have stolen from the Indians, Maintained with the niggers, blessed by religion, exploited in education and in our minds, is better than sex,,,,is it really any good? The current system we've installed in 2011 in America, is it better than the American Indians? Think about shit! Is it better to be at work or at home?

We are so dumb and stupid it is ...

Do you have the courage to do what you need to at home or must yo go off somewhere to get it? We are a trip! Character above profits? We are so hypocritical and arrogant it is sickening. Our seniors do not even have the courage to own up to it? They know that shit they did was not right and today is proof, but they will not confess.

I appreciate young people today? They are not nearly as hypocritical and arrogant? I do not know how it came about, but they are doing a great job at ignoring our silly asses. We say one thing and do another?

When you graduate from school and then? What about separatists? I see a separatists as a person who wants to be separated from everything – Maters and Slaves? To him there is always the competition, the threat, he cannot be content and every little thing bothers him? There is no middle ground? advocacy of a state of cultural, ethnic, tribal, religious, racial, governmental or gender separation from the larger group. I am a separatist.

Charcter above all, is it true, do we live it or is it just another drawing card? How well can you draw pictures in class?

Sometimes I see a sign like that near our neighborhood. Though I know what it means, it seems it never spreads any further than their doors. You see, they have everything and I, nothing? They have worked hard for theirs and I? They wear fancy clothes everyday and I? They go to the local pubs everyday and I? They have important meetings to attend and I? They produce oil, auto..all the big boy toys and I? They have an education and I?

CHARACTER ABOVE ALL, so why do we continue to produce them? Are things really getting better? Because you can buy a bandaid, have we cured more disease and illness than we're causing?

Institutions of higher learning, are we producing better graduates for less or worst graduates for more? If we say we are, then where is it in our economy? Is it at our pumps, stores, banks, churches, inflation, government, quality of life.... Do we have a better quality of life today than yesterday?

So why do we just keep doing the sos but expecting a different result....insane? We know we're getting worst, yet we keep telling ourselves we getting better???Dumb ass stupid shit?

(((your inner


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