Feed and House People

Help is on the way.

While we are trying to figure out what or how to do, in order to save ourselves, some are taking action to help. The question is should they use abandoned and foreclosed housing owned by someone else.

The question really is why do not owners take appropriate action to help feed and house "needy people". No profit! Who, what, when, where about help, while victims are suffering? Really, is it ethically and morally good for people to own land, not use it and deprive needy people of their human rights to natural resources, including land? What does the government do when they need a piece of land, for the good of the people? Is it a right to buy up land and resources, build a structure and leave it for waste. If that is allowed to get out of balance, what effects can that have on the people? Waste is exactly what it is when nobody is using land and people are being deprived of the same. What is hoarding? Supply and demand, who is going to help meet demands? How?

In a non-violent, ethical and moral right way, Take Back the Land is one organization who has decided to step out on faith and help feed and house needy people.

People of African descent have been systematically denied control of land in their communities- from slavery to sharecropping to segregation to the current gentrification and displacement of our communities.

Elected officials and high ranking bureaucrats have sold out the black community in favor of enriching already wealthy and politically connected developers.

We assert our right to the land in our community and to use public space for the public good- specifically, to house, feed and provide community space for the poor, particularly in low income black communities. As such, we are Taking Back the Land and empowering the black community, not the politicians, to determine how to use land for the benefit of the community.

Our struggle is fundamentally one of land, and control over that land. We take inspiration from and support our sisters and brothers across the globe engaged in similar struggles for control over land for the benefit of the people. Read more...

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