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Every Day Light #003
February 10, 2005
With God ALL things are possible. Matthew 19:26

February 10, 2005 We got our days straight, today! And we appreciate your patience as we grow-through our growing pains. Have a great day.

"Come Up On This Level, Too"

"But they do not know the thoughts of the Lord" (v.12)

-- For reading & meditation: Micah 4:6-13 Yesterday we ended with the statement: "Ultimately, the problems and difficulties of life are all spiritual." What exactly does this mean? Reflect again on the psalmist's problem. He says to himself: "Why does God allow the ungodly to prosper and the godly to go through great trials and tribulations?" He has trouble as he tries to understand God's ways. Now there is really only one answer to this problem, and it is found in Isaiah 55:8: " 'My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,' declares the Lord." Whatever we might think about the ways of God, these words give us the ultimate answer - the Almighty acts in ways that are above and beyond our comprehension. It is as if God is saying: "When you look at My ways you must not approach them on a natural level, because if you do you will be baffled and overwhelmed. I act on a higher level than the natural, and if you want to understand Me, then you must come up on this level too." How often, however, we persist in thinking naturally about life's situations - even those of us who have been in the Christian life for many years. The difference between natural thinking and spiritual thinking is the difference between heaven and earth. The very first thing we must do when we are baffled by some circumstance in our lives, is say to ourselves: "Am I approaching this on a natural level or a spiritual level? Have I reverted unconsciously to my natural way of thinking about these things." The more we learn to think spiritually about life's problems, the less perplexed we will be.

PRAYER: Father, I need to adopt and practise many spiritual methods, but none is as important as that which aligns me to Your thoughts and purposes. Help me come up higher - to Your level of thinking. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

FURTHER STUDY: Rom. 8:1-6; Prov. 12:5; Phil. 4:8

1. What does a mind controlled by the Spirit bring?

2. What things are we to think about?

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