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When a "Black Man" does something really good!
December 16, 2010
Friends and Partners,

When a "Black Man" does something really good!

Can African-Americans give "a stamp of approval" to anything worthwhile in America? Gangs, drugs, violence and abuse....

We have our little pockets, but by enlarge, who really approves what's needed here? Why not --- no money or ownership? We own quite a few automobiles, but what about homes? What about being better organized? What about the dream? What about "Black History Month"? How competitive are we really?

Facebook, Twitter, how many read their license agreements? How many really knew what would become of their personal information once submitted to social networks? Who is Mark Zuckerberg?

Insurance policies, most can't even read nor understand their insurance policy, but we signed anyway,,,why? Our mortgage agreements, we do not understand them, but we signed anyway! If Americans really understood more about important things going on in our lives, our economy would be in much better shape.

We do not have a problem giving "all" our personal information or money to people we do not even know. But if, it is a "black man", "it's a whole nother story"! We'll question and scrutinize it until overcome by events(OBE). Especially if it has the potential to be "really really big". How much scrutiny are we actually willing to put "our African American males" through?

You say, Art, why do you take this appproach? Have you ever had someone tell you not to put your photo out front? Why not? For Fear white Americans and many African Americans will not patronize your business. You will not achieve the success your work deserves unless "a white face" is out front?

It is sad but "almost" true, anything, especially initiated by "an African American male" is subject to pushed aside if it is not approved by "white America". We need to change that. If you are color blind, what difference does it make?

See our President, historically Black Colleges, high schools? But Negative criticism flourishes - "dead beat dads, lazy sexed crazed angry with the world men". How is that? We tear down all "our schools" but.... So often our best shot goes without the chance it so eloquently deserves. I want this to be different!

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I hope you more success than me...i would be glad... art

Learning is a Spiritual Quest. Keep preparing yourself and open the dream of success to literally everyone, everywhere!

Art Thomas


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