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March 24, 2005
Hi This is Art Thomas, Copywriter, Publisher and Webmaster "Ezine" Visit Us!

24 March 2005
Fear not, Be glad, Rejoice and "B-Moved"

I was told by a great marketer: "There are 3 kinds of people in the world: ...
• Those that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN...
• Those that WATCH Things Happen...
• and Those that SAY "What Happened?"

Make it Happen!!!

Thanks again for allowing us the opportunity to share with you.

As we are building our site, We are at the stage of “Driving Traffic and Monetizing”. That is letting people know that we are here and preparing to make money.

Thank You for giving us the opportunity to grow with you.


A part-time business

I do not believe in “part time anything” but so you do not think this opportunity consumes all your time.

Further if you have tried several other opportunities, do not be discouraged and give up. I do my best to share with you experiences that I have encountered and post them so you can read for yourself.

Just know that there are plenty of opportunities to help us grow financially and most require less time, energy and produce more rewarding results as a full time job.

I still can not understand why someone would rather work a full time job rather than seeking out opportunities to be self-employed.

We go to school, be educated and learn to stand on your on two feet and the best that we can do is work for somebody else. Where is your quest for freedom?

Some how it seems we are determined and destined for the “Rat Race”. Somehow we have been brained-washed that you need a job and them benefits.

But my dear friends I am here to tell you that all you need is “MONEY” and the way to get it is not on “JOB”. Of course unless you steal it, like you steal the internet  How do you feel when you can not subscribe to a fairly decent website because you only have a computer at work. And worse than that, there are so many who only read and use the computer at work. To me that is just plain ole ignorance. All the information and opportunities available on the www and you only take advantage of it because it is your job or at your job. You deserve a job.

Next thing I would like to address is “It is Time For Change” We (our parents and fore parents) have slaved and carried out all the undesirable tasks under the name of “work” for a long time.

Many of our parents worked 30 and 40 years for nothing. How do you know. Well, if you are struggling financial is one way or if you can not tell any one how you make your money. Do you not think those would be at least two strong indicators that “It is Time For A Change”.

What can you compare yourself to Just look at all the different people who come to America (The Land of Milk and Honey), take advantage of all the opportunities and gorge their pockets full of money--legally. If you are not experiencing the milk and honey then you are missing the boat. Another thing, they do not work near as hard as we often do because they work together. They work with their brains. And many have not gone through slavery, Jim Crow, civil rights, they ain’t Christian and many are not formally educated. Well what is it that they have?----A strong desire to succeed financially and businesses sense!

Preachers” I love you and appreciate your intent but the bottom-line here is, “If you can not help your congregation prosper financially and you send around the collection plate, You Are Robbing your congregation.

During both good times and bad, generating a second income stream is one of the most effective ways to get ahead.

Ok enough for today….Know that I love you all and I truly want my readers to be the best.

So until then God Bless, Good Friday and Happy Easter,

Art Thomas The Voice

PS. I also want to write about “Readin and Writin”. We often fall short in that area—especially our men folk. I will tell you a little story about me real soon.

Below are a couple of opportunities that can be use to help many. To see others please visit our site at Visit This page to learn more about employing your computer!

I am having some problems with adding links. I trust I will be better by the nest ezine. If you can not access our money page then click here and then click free money. go here and click on “Free Money”!

I like this opportunity While you have to work hard and well to keep the job you have, you should also be working on a way to establish some part-time income. Part-time income will give you extra money to save and invest at a time when cash will be king and cheap investment opportunities will abound.

A part-time business will also give you a very good chance of becoming a full-time entrepreneur - and that can mean a better, richer, more independent and generally happier life for you.

Below is a business opportunity that you can get into quickly and cheaply, is easy to learn and allows you to help hundreds or thousands of people survive and prosper in their careers. And since you can take on as many clients as you want - it won't interfere with your main job or your other obligations.

If you haven't got a side business going now, I recommend you seriously consider this one. This site is Awesome. It is on it. I believe we can learn a lot from it

Joe Robson - Copywriter. I enjoy reading and learning from Joe and I trust you will also. He has some free stuff but you might have to browse around a bit.

You can read the latest Copywriter's Digest on the Web at Expand you writing skills! Joe is one of the best when it comes writing Even if you do not want to learn the art of copywriting, Joe Robson shares great tips and information to improve your writing ability. A great reference source for any one who enjoys writing or teaching others how to.

If this link does not work I will put it down below. I apologize for any trouble and have a great weekend….Art

Joe Robson, Copywriter

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