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May 10, 2005
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10 May 2005

I trust everyone had a safe and wonderful "Birthday, Mother Day or Weekend".

I did and it inspired the title of today's "Get IT Done" Ezine.

My title stems from a conversation which the very words were said after mentioning my dreams:-)

Further, it was indicated, "that I am sick and tired of these kind of men...that have all these big dreams but not a pot to piss in...Your dreams are too big...You are moving too fast...You will not make it and to call me when you do".

I trust I got it straight and gave you enough to get the point.

I think it is worth writing about and sharing because I am sure others may feel and express the same.

Big Dreams"

"Without A Pot To Piss In"

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"We have got to have a dream if we are going to make a dream come true." ~Denis E. Waitley

What About Dreams

When you talk about dreams you are entering a mysterious and fascinating world of where the rules of reality do not apply.

My dreams are a part of my communications process, so I take on the challenge of making sense and better understanding of them. I also do not think they would be as special, if I didn't share them with a friend. That is me!

Not to boast, I have been very successful and many of my blessings were well beyond my capabilities and dreams.

I received them, so why should I think that it will stop.

Our website is dedicated to helping you find the key to unlocking the secret to achieving your dreams. That is our JOB. You must have the experience to know.

We realize that your dreams are unique. No other individual can have your background, your emotions, or your experiences.

Every dream is connected with your own "reality". Thus, in interpreting your dreams, it is important to draw from your personal life and experiences.

Remember that a dream unifies the body, mind, and spirit. It provides you with insight into ourselves and a means for self-exploration.

In understanding your dreams, you will have a better understanding and discovery of your true self.

So stay awhile -- explore, discover, have fun, make friends and find out how to "Get It Done" Dreams That Is!

If you have the dream of beating all the odds and being a raging success in business--Go For It, No matter what anybody says nor the number of times you fail.

Help Us To Make Dreams Come True"

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You May Not Know Why You Are Where You Are ... but Don't Let That Stop You From Learning as Much About It as You Can

"An infant who has just learned to hold his head up has a frank and forthright way of gazing about in bewilderment.

He hasn't the faintest clue where he is, and he aims to learn.

In a couple of years, what he will have learned instead is how to fake it: He'll have the cocksure air of a squatter who has come to feel he owns the place.

Some unwonted, taught pride diverts us from our original intent, which is to explore the neighborhood, view the landscape, to discover at least where it is that we have been so startlingly set down, if we can't learn why."

(Source: Annie Dillard in "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek")

Get Your Money Right

" Listen to me: Nobody's getting their money right," Orman said. "Money crosses every race, every sex, every religion, every tax bracket. It is the foundation of your life, whether you want to believe it or not."

The tour, called Get Your Money Right, opens May 14 in Detroit. Events are planned for Washington, D.C., on June 7, Miami on July 15, St. Louis on Aug. 20, Los Angeles on Sept. 17 and Chicago on Nov. 5. For more information click here and see Tom Joyner

A Great Way to Recharge Your Reading Habits or Those of a Love One

Read inspirational or how to materials on your favorite subject.

Make more money?
Have more fun?
Understand more about life and the world you live in?

I hated reading and/or my so called busy life style crowded out the extra time, until I discovered the world of inspiration and motivation.

I don't feel that way now. These days, I spend at least two hours a day reading inspirational or how to stuff.

Know a person like I me, share inspirational or how to reading material on their favorite subject. It just may do the trick. Do not forget to include our site:-)

How do you find the time to read? How do you decide which books to read? Click here to read Twilight Hopes. Let us know what you think about it. We will post your comments on our site

Enjoy the Benefits of a "Well-Read Life"

Congress vs. Identify Theft

Identity theft - high-volume identity theft - has been big news lately.

Writing in The New York Times Magazine, Richard A. Clarke reminded us that just a few months ago, "executives from ChoicePoint and LexisNexis [data brokers that make money by selling personal information about you] and various experts had to explain to Congress how the identity data of more than a million Americans had been compromised."

Aside from asking questions, is there anything Congress can do about it? More than you might think. For example, says Clarke, "Congress could prohibit companies from storing or selling your Social Security number [and other personal information] without your written permission; set minimum security standards for companies that do store your Social Security number and require third-party audits against that standard; prohibit companies from using your Social Security number as an identifier."

Well then ... why don't they?

Today's Message

With God ALL things are possible. Matthew 19:26

Be a Nonconformist

"Don't let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould'" (v.2, Phillips)-- For reading & meditation: Romans 12:1-13 We must spend some more time focusing on the fact that many of today's Christians are like the Ephraimites we spoke of a few days ago - good at parading, but not so good in battle.

They cry out for help with their problems, but when confronted with the demands of Scripture, one of which is to die to self, they scurry like rats down the first bolthole they can find.

They want a medicine man with a quick cure, not direct advice about how to repent of their egocentricity.

I sometimes wonder to myself whether this trend in today's Church is the result of our being brain-washed by an age that tends to make quitting a way of life.

Anna Sklar, in her book Runaway Wives, uncovered an incredible statistic of American life when she said that a decade ago, for every woman who walked away from her home and family responsibility, 600 husbands and fathers did so.

Today, for each man who does that, two women do.

My purpose in making this statement is not to take sides with either group, but simply to point out that, more and more, the modern trend is to choose the way of escape as the method of dealing with problems.

Things that were once viewed by society as a stigma are now accepted without the flicker of an eyelid.

"Let's just quit" are almost household words.

A marriage gets shaky, hits a few rough patches and the solution is: "Let's get a divorce."

How much of today's worldly patterns are affecting our thinking, I wonder? And how much are we letting the world squeeze us into its own mould?

PRAYER: Father, make me a nonconformist - not in a denominational sense, but in a dynamic sense. Forgive me if I have allowed the world to squeeze me into its own mould. Change my way of thinking to Your way of thinking. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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Until our next Ezine, Whatever your God-given purpose is, "Get It Done" and "Nothing Happens For You Until You Take Action".

We Love You,

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