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Sunday 11 to Think About
July 08, 2007

  1. When the distance from your home and church is too far to walk, haven’t you gone too far?

    Really what to know who and how good you are.

  2. Do it yourself hair-do and wearing it.

  3. Give yourself a nice hair-cut and wear it.

  4. Go out without make-up (not gender specific).

  5. Dressing according to the weather.

    Feeling left out because you don’t have a cell phone. Think again!

  6. It used to be, “get off, you’ve been on the phone long enough”, now it is, “get a phone for each family member, do worry, free minutes”. All we need is a phone and holder designed for pets. I bet it is on the drawing board.

  7. Not being annoyed with repeatedly being asked, “Where are you?”.

  8. No stress to answer before it stops ringing.

  9. No extra weight or worry about best position to wear it.

  10. Think of all the accidents, near misses you avoid by staying focused on what’s around you. Don’t mention not being able to find your phone.

  11. We have had to bring special attention to driving with a cell phone in hand, when the real problem is, “being distracted by being on the cell phone while driving”.

    What has to happen to realize other dangers of being distracted while being on a cell phone?

    What about bad weather, are cell phones more prone to lightning strikes?

Phone a friend and enjoy the rest of your day..... ·:*¨¨*:· Become a friend ·:*¨¨*:·

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