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Don't Let Things Stay Out of Hand
July 11, 2007
By now it's July and the year is half over? Is there still time?

Conduct yourself like a professional. If you feel you have been taken advantage of or in any way treated unfairly, translate those feelings into a rational process.

Don't worry about whether you have been screwed over and by whom. Instead, ask yourself what it is you want and figure out how you can get it.

Correct the situation by creating a new game plan that gives you what you are looking for and gives even more to the person or people you are working with.

We are all connected.

Remember, the secret to success is making sure everyone who deals with you feels like they are getting a great deal. There is always a way to do that and take care of your own needs if you are creative, smartworking, and able to communicate your message positively.

Make them want you more than you want them.

Not sure, ask a friend if he or she sees a part of your life where you show more fear than faith and then ask God to help you replace your fear with faith.

"In the cellars of the night, when the mind starts moving around old trunks of bad times, the pain of this and the shame of that, the memory of a small boldness is a hand to hold." -- John Leonard

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