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July 12, 2007

Leading others into hell

by exposing them to your site.

I received this email today and am sharing, only because, "it says it all". Call it my favorite story, today.

At least we know what's going on at this website.

I have removed the link and life goes on.

Have a great day and be careful about going to hell :/)


"We do not wish to have a submission at It is a site filled with spiritism and The LORD Jesus is NOT present at your site. Oprah Winfrey's presence there says all there is to say about your site. Spiritism. We desire to have no part or lot with your site. We removed the guestbook entries mentioning your site for we have no desire to lead others into hell by exposing them to your site. The LORD Jesus has reached out to you and how we do hope that you come to know Him. May God bless you in the knowledge of Himself. Sincerely in The LORD and ONLY Savior Jesus Christ, Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie Living Hope In Jesus"

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