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Unrealized Potential
September 13, 2011
Hey Ya'll it's Tuesday,

Unrealized Potential?

13 September 2011

You need this to get through the rest of your life. It's easy to see in others, what you can't in yourself?

Unrealized potential Whatís in your hand? I need that? You need this? Lend a helping hand.

How often we have something right in our hands that would make life so much easier, but we just don't realize it? Especially in rural communities, everything good seems to start somewhere else.

If you haven't already please sign Humble Farm/Refuge Petition

Unrealized potential is intended for someone else? What's the best way to help yourself? Humble Farm/Refuge Petition

Is that all you can do?

We always want new before discovering a better thing in what we already have. human rights battles Troy Davis, Georgia is getting ready to BURN Troy Davis

The thing is What can you do about? Now, that's real scary. What are you going to do about it?

We need this to get through the rest of the week and our lives. Every helping hand and itís all within reach?

"Keep on Truckin" and thank you some much for allowing me to me in your life. ARt

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