Humble Farm Refuge (HFR)

Prayers and Petition

Art with you

"I am with you every step of the way."

Offer up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears to the one who can save you from death, and they will be heard because of your reverent submission.

People, Animal, Vegetable Miracles create Humble Farm Refuge to meet Economic Crisis, Poverty, Rehab, Community needs.

Sigh HFR

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Dear friends,

I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 5,000 signatures by October 22, 2011, the White House will review it and respond!

We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the Obama Administration to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the Obama Administration will issue an official response.

You can view and sign the petition here: Sigh HFR

Here's some more information about this petition:

People, Animal, Vegetable Miracles create Humble Farm Refuge to meet Economic Crisis, Poverty, Rehab, Community needs

Avoid futher Economic crisis by preparing and providing a wide open space for refuge, creativity, innovation.

Act as a humble fam and refuge, and emergency relief for people in crisis. Use modern day technology, focus on people losing jobs, homes, minorities, women and veterans. Help them maintain their self-esteem as they utilize their skills and talents. Help them maintain a sense of Purpose and Direction.

As we revive from the top down, Revive our country and economy from the bottom up, just as our ancestors. A community designed to provide a revolving door to relieve human suffering through long and short term housing in an agricultural environment.

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You are the Reason Why! Discount!
POVERTY is not for you! Please sign our HFR Petition below and receive Life Time 10% Discount.

"You Owe It Too Yourself!"

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help within. Sign HFR

Sign HFR

For more information Contact Art, A Poor Dirt Farmer.

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