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The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed (John 17:1-26)
September 16, 2011
Hey Ya'll it's Tuesday,

Prayers and Petitions

16 September 2011

THE OCCASION: A time of separation, betrayal, suffering, and crucifixion

TIME: The hour has come that they all might be one, pertaining to "the world" and the effects it can have on Non-believers and Believers.

CONCERN: A justifiable concern, for we live in a world which is: a. Deceived b. Dangerous (promises fulfillment, but will pass away) c. Defiled (defiling those who accept it) d. Divided (this is self-evident, especially in regards to PEOPLE)

That you first become one! We should do all we can to see that "The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed" be fulfilled in our lives...! Does it stop there? No, for good things to happen in our lives, YOU also must pray and petition. Please, SIGN MINE

Have a great weekend...Art

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