Peace and Happiness…A State of Mind?

by DEE

Do we ever reach a point when we are truly at peace and our hearts are filled with happiness?

As I travel on this journey called life I have experienced what I thought was happiness yet to discover it is short lived. The same applied to the tragedy I encountered along the way. I ask myself is there a balance in the road?

My answer to this question, is do we really know what makes us happy? Some might say money is the answer to happiness. My response is then why are so many rich people alcoholics, drug addicts, and suffer from induced mental illness…unhappy?

Others say if you find the right man or right woman then you’ll be happy. This is so untrue because just when you think you have Mr. Right or Ms. Right they do something that either disappoints you or devastates you to the edge of no return.

Not to mention those who claim to have found God, but are never willing to offer a helping hand to someone less fortunate. This group is always crying broke; talking about “the by and by” and never have anything positive say. I would be remiss to leave out the so-called “saved” who think they should isolate themselves from everybody else. Yet, they are sneaking and hiding to do anything and everything in the dark.

How do you stay on track? How do you get to “happy”? Where is your “peace”? Is it raising your children and caring for family members? Is it becoming successful on your job? Is it working in your community and helping others? Do these acts equate to “happy”? Is “happy “a state of mind?

My journey thus far has taught me that “happy” is me. Only ME can make me “happy”.


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