The Past Always Catches Up

by Renenet Sekhmet

How will you feel, depressed or on a natural high flying with the Most High?

When the past catches up with you and you find yourself depressed, forgive yourself knowing the Most High (TMH) does not condemn.

My past caught up with me and my spirit has been flying high making it difficult for me to ground Self long enough to share the experience through words. In Oneness I asked TMH to ground me so I could share...

Ten years and too many earthly transition later, I received a call from a dear friend that I was unable to contact before leaving home. It's hard to express how much the Loving emotions that poured through the phone; it was overwhelming during the reconnection. It took others to remind me that the “small” actions we think we do for others are actually not as “small” to the receiver. I enjoy sharing my blessings and this call was a joyful reward and reminder of what I shared in the past.

I am not one who requires confirmation of my actions from others. Peace of mind with high flowing energy is what I seek from TMH. This is why I write watch the level of your thoughts and patterns, look for the positive in every situation we experience in life.

Unconditional love is joyful and painful. We must embrace the pain in love as we do the joy. When we do our spirit flies freely on a natural high in Oneness with TMH.

There are many who do not experience this type of high due to their level of thought-pattern. Some may for a short period of time for a sharing of information, exchange or session but they are unable to stay on such a high frequency too long, their normal vibrations can not keep up to continue flying high. They usually place blame elsewhere.

I was also reminded while in Oneness - “Queens are not Goddesses and their duty is only to fulfill the earthy needs of men in the flesh until disregard. It is why you are happy for them. It's given you time to fly freely.” ….

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My Higher Consciousness

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Feb 23, 2013
Amen my past comforted my soul
by: Beverly J.

When you go through life not realizing what is important to you ,some things will never come into play. I have al ways loved,appreciated the people in my life past and present. Then one day they were gone my (mom) and people in our lives we lost contact with. So ,now what! The struggle with my inner self surfaced,pain,sorrow,helplessness but no joy.I began to miss those special people. Then one day I was driving and decided to take a chance and stop by a friends house that I haven't seen since my mom passed away.Well let me tell you, the person didn't live there any more but, I was able to get information so I could contact this person and when I made the call my inner soul struggled no more,then JOY SURFACED....AMEN!

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