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Saturday Morning GREAT news if you got a mountain to climb in your life..
September 24, 2011
Dear friends,

Going the Extra Mile w/Shawn Anderson

24 September 2011

Do you believe in MIRACLES or are you just saying Dream On Art, then keep reading.

I do and I need another right now, here it is and I am sharing with you. But, Will you share in return?

I have always got big hopes, dreams and goals, so I need to surround myself with like-minded individuals, people who understand and appreciate the ambitious nature in me. Do I appreciate and respect that in you, so I am sharing. It all depends on who's guiding you.

Creating MIRACLES do not come without smart work and too much sacrifice, But what is too much before you "give up"? Exactly what does going the extra-mile mean? Does it mean "settling for modern day slavery, giving in to illness and disease or one crisis after another - financial, economic, health, food, gas? Whatcha gon do?

Does it mean, sitting on your buns pretending to be something or doing something when you aren't? Does going the extra mile mean "just taking care of you"? Who are you going to help and who should help you in return?

Can you imagine going the extra-mile by committing to help 1,000,000 people? What about riding a bike from "Georgia to California", 4,000 miles, just to bring "attention" to your cause. There's nothing wrong with you per se, but this is just your calling, Would you answer it?

Well, out of all my "strike -outs, I finally got a good lick and I think it will be a base hit for you also. Please allow me to introduce "a man" who did all of that and more: Read about him Shawn

Visit Shawn's Extra Mile America

Last, but not least Read what Shawn shared with Art

Will you share in return? After all, information is the most important thing we can share.

We need another MIRACLE! People, Animal, Vegetable Miracles,,create Humble Farm Refuge to meet Economic Crisis, Poverty, Rehab, Community needs. Join Art here and please help Art This is another mountain I have chosen to climb. Going the Extra-Mile

Things change so fast, soon it will be your turn again. What is a Sherpa, it all depends on who's guiding you. sign the petition here

Create A GREAT weekend for yourself...ARt

Meet another friend Going the Extra-Mile -Sheila Carpenter

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