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Tale within A Tale
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Most people wait for the right business opportunity, but I help create them. Did you know working with the right people can turn your life around? We all need a little bit of support, but finding the right somebody can be a challenge.

Often times, as business professionals and start-ups, it is too easy to over look the obvious! Further, if you do not receive immediate help you can find yourself out on a limb and feeling like a Long Ranger.

We find we need someone good and confidential, with whom we can consult. It is hard to find good, credible and affordable help, so when you find it and it is just the right size for your business, Go for It! I've been fortunate in my life to have worked with, and become friends with; some of the leading figures in the entrepreneurial world and Ms. Sheila Carpenter is one of them.

Sheila is another personal consultant, coach, mentor and hero of mine, specializing in networking and the joy of giving back to LIFE.

One of her favorite sayings is: “The Ink is black, the page is white, together we learn to read and write”. "Art you are a good egg!"

I have worked with Sheila over the past few years and it has been one of the most educational and enlightening experiences of my life and it continues to be full with fun and adventure. No crazy stuff to buy or sell, just good old common sense and motivation, no matter your Product or Service.

Sheila is a firm believer that everyone has at least one million-dollar idea – it’s just doing something about it.

A mom and a professional, Sheila is a very talented lady, a global thinker and super dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. That is how we met. A wonderful person, Sheila has made a lasting impression in the lives of those who meet her. She has a good eye for business and providing you with actionable strategies you can use to grow you and your business.

Get help getting your priorities in order and discover those things that bring true wealth, success and happiness to you and your business. That is what Sheila has done for me, so I am very pleased to share her with you.

Why? If I help you thrive and survive; if I give you the advice that helps your company; if I help you to meaningful progress, the odds are good that you'll help me.

Discussing a plan for your business does not cost you one dime, but failing to do so, just might.

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My very First Tip to you: Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time! You will be surprised at what you can do from home.

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