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FREE Web Page For Churches and Civic Organizations
July 15, 2005
Hi ,

Friday, July 15, 2005 TGIF

Our website is steadily growing.

Currently, we are averaging 39 unique visitors per day, SO GIVE YOURSELF A HAND.

We still have a long ways to go and here is what we need:

  1. Give plenty of positive advertising and feedback. Remember, word of mouth is the best.

  2. Continue visiting us as often as possible.

  3. Support our sponsors by clicking on their advertisements. Clicking is what makes the system work.

  4. Share the information, so everyone will know and can take advantage of this promotion.

    We thank you for your continue support as we grow and we love you.

    FREE Web Page For Churches and Civic Organizations

    Can You Hear Me Now?

    During the next 7 days, we are offering a FREE web page to Churches and Civic Organizations. To keep this promotion under control, this special ends midnight, Sunday, 24 July 2005. Click here to submit your information.

    There is One requirement: You must Subscribe to It is FREE!

    Examples and ideas:

    Shiloh Baptist Church, Milledgeville

    New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Macon

    Ebenezer Baptist Church, Macon

    Why not create your very own day of independence, in honor of breaking free of THE MAN. Make Your Knowledge Sell

    Your success is our priority.


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