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Humble Farm Refuge (HFR)
September 07, 2011
Dear Friends and Partners,

September PUSH for HFR Petition

7Sept.2011 Hump Day!

Less than 1 minute to lend your signature to my Humble Farm Refuge Petition. Sign now!

Why? Help Art Thomas garner 5000 signatures to petition for a Land Grant. For more reasons why sign, View my BLOG! Its only going to get worse!

I am using the month of September to PUSH as hard as I can for you to sign my We The People Petition for a Land Grant. Pray Until Something Happens.

How much simpler can I make that?

Is it a worthwhile cause? Take a look at what’s going on: Presidential Death Treats. Where are Victim Rights? Who are their victims? Get off your ass and do something NOW! before it is too late! Think about shit?

Help someone you know is going to do their very best to make a great difference. That won't pull any punches or be funny. They'll tell you just the way they see it. Their doors are always open for you. Sign! and Pay it forward.

Read about my ideas as much as you want Explanation and Overview But what good is that, if you do not sign? Sign now!

Don’t make this too complicated; lend your signature to help me “be there for you”. Sign now!

I don't ask for much, but Today, I am asking for 1 minute and a Signature for my petition. Sign now!

Economic, Financial and Crime crisis do not wait. They spiral out of control because the majority of us will do nothing.

While The minority takes immediate action? Support the minority Sign now!

Please do not be offended, but inspired to immediate action.

September PUSH for a Humble Farm Refuge Petition....Art

Sign now!

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