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Humble Farm Refuge

Humble Farm Refuge, Explanation and Overview.

Purpose and specific purpose: Using agriculture, with a focus on people, land and resources,  to provide a place of rest and restoration for our veterans, seniors, youth and animals. 

Mission: HFR, a 501©(3) Non-Profit located in Milledgeville, Georgia, USA, is a center which promotes and teaches environmental sustainability, while also serving as a spiritual retreat, and refuge for international and domestic travelers. It teaches a hands-on approach to a sustainable lifestyle through activities such as alternative building and organic gardening while complementing the processes of nature. While HFR is not dedicated to any particular religion or denomination, its educational programs and services are designed to integrate the ecological, social, spiritual, economic and emotional aspects of the human condition.

Vision: Creating a new destination unlike any existing ‘sustainable farm’ that would bring people together to form a healing community benefiting those from "all" walks of life. Life is simple here – there’s no rush, no fuss, no hassle, just time and space to identify, minimize stress, share and overcome your life challenges by joining others in an energizing atmosphere of authenticity and engagement.

We want to invite people from across the globe to experience connecting back to nature in a place created from a "back to basics" way of thinking. At HRF, we offer an opportunity to become part of something truly special. An important part of our vision includes a thriving village of various talents, artists and artisans that will open new avenues of expression and foster the exchange of ideas which enhance our communities through agriculture. 

We want to bring together community and culture, mindful conservation of natural resources, along with rewarding activities and learning opportunities for participants. This means we can offer an unforgettable experience, while bringing lasting, life-changing benefits to the local people and economy.

Humble Farm Refuge is a place where you can discover your best self while in harmony with the natural surroundings and people.

Train the trainer, on the job training to develop common values, stronger economic and social skills through applied learning and the ability to adapt to change. Advancement of education, lessen neighborhood tensions, minimize prejudice, discrimination and stress.

Support attending land grant historically black colleges.

Act as emergency preparedness, food security, self-sustainability through the growth of our own food, innovation and the practice of interdependence, ensuring a confident, Safe and secure future.  

It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent who survives, it is those who are better able to adapt to change. All of this sponsored by, but not limited to people of color, parents and youths.

Stop trying to save the world and recreate it! Improve head, heart, hands, and health, how do we do that? Easy!!!

This is your farm and refuge! Now is the time to Take Action! Starving Artists sharing The Arts?

Though America is Technologically Advanced, we left some very important things unattended at home. Stop saving the world and recreate

Future Farmers of America - Remember when it was easily recognized as part of the 4-H club? 4-H is a youth organization sponsored by the Department of Agriculture, offering instruction in agriculture and home economics. They taught young people how to farm the smart way? GoFundMe***

4-H began as a rural youth movement. Currently, 4-H have developed into one of the largest youth organizations in the United States, helping suburban, urban and rural communities "learn, grow, and work together as catalysts for positive change". The program coordinated cooperative efforts by youth, volunteer leaders, state land-grant universities, state and local governments. Never thought there would be a need for teaching this to adults too. A Humble Farm Refuge is not affiliated with 4-H club or any other club, but a Private, Public business venture. GoFundMe***

Poverty, Crime, Environmental and Financial Crisis GLOBALLY! How do we recover? What are we doing or going to do? Again, who are the victims? Don't you think we ought to be preparing ourselves? If you cannot do it alone, why not unite? Where is the opportunity to regroup and start anew? It is the responsibility of all of us. GoFundMe***

Today, we have an urgent need to get back to the basics life - improve head, heart, hands, and health. We need a farm and refuge. A place reminiscent of a wilderness homestead, from a time when there weren't grocery stores down the road and a family needed to survive on what they grew, gathered, and stored. And that's exactly the point! We need to be planning and implementing projects for a post peak oil society. A plan "B".

There is a fundamental change coming; that oil is dwindling and will begin to skyrocket in price - Poverty, Environmental and Financial Crisis. These will have a profound effect on our ability to heat our homes, fertilize our vast industrial monocultures of corn and beans, and to transport out-of-season produce to local grocery stores. Many people find this kind of thinking radical, apocalyptic even, but there are certainly glimmers of this becoming a reality.

Rising oil prices have far outpaced inflation over the past decade. Reserves in foreign countries are drying up. And tapping the remaining less accessible reserves is, in light of the recent Gulf of Mexico catastrophe, uncomfortably risky. GoFundMe***

Now is the time for restoration and plan "B", because we can still go to the grocery store for food.

We have a window of opportunity. What can we do to prepare when gas is $10 a gallon? The answer is to make the land productive again, so that food doesn't have to come from so far away, moving us toward a truly sustainable human society.

Remake the land as a productive, low-input agriculture site. Everything we create would enhance the living systems of the region: animals, birds, insects, soil biota. We need to go way beyond organic farming to a type of farming that will eventually not use outside materials at all.

Be home to fruit and nut trees, fuelwood trees, nectar flower, perennial vegetables, and medicinal herbs.

This is what our Humble Farm Refuge will be especially after peak oil. We will include agriculture practices used elsewhere in the world, but not regularly practiced in the United States, such as edible windbreaks, agroforestry (growing crops among productive trees), and wet cropping for rice and watercress.

There would be traditional community vegetable gardens and orchards, but also areas managed for fuelwood and charcoal production.

Growing seasons would be extended with greenhouses and cold frames. Soil would be enriched with a method called keylining and intensive rotational grazing, which involves a series of shallow ditches along a slope, then using animals to repeatedly remove cover crop biomass.

In this method, water stays on the slope longer. This increases plant vigor, which in turn improves the soil through accumulation of leaves and stems above and penetration of roots below. Where most designs fail is that it's ego based.

What looks pleasing? On our refuge/farm, everything would be implemented with an understanding and respect of who inhabits the place--not just people, but the soil, the plants and the animals. With this kind of mindset, it cannot fail. GoFundMe***

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