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"September We The People Challenge"

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Humble Farm Refuge Petition Challenge starts Now

Petition for a Land Grant Sign Petition

Through the White House "We The People" Program. Sign Petition

To act as a humble farm and refuge for People, Animals, Vegetables Miracles. Sign Petition

I have chosen "September to PUSH for our White House We The People HFR Petition" to collect 5000 signatures. Is that pray until something happens?

Thank you for supporting my Humble Farm Refuge Petition.

It has been an honor to compete and a remarkable experience to meet hundreds of you, like me, from across this great nation.

Couldn't have come this far without your support and encouragement, and we need you to help "kick it up a notch or two".

"In less than one minute, sign our HFR Petition" Sign Petition

It is time to kick it up another level… We have got to beat our opposition.

Please be among those who help PUSH our "September We The People HFR Challenge", Humble Farm Refuge Petition to the next level. Sign our HFR Petition

"September We The People HFR Challenge" Please help us meet our online goal of 5,000 SIGNATURES by September 30th.

The "September We The People HFR Petition" takes less than one minute. HFR Petition

Take less than one minute to help us reach our important HFR petition goal, and that is to garner one signature at a time to get at least 5,000 signatures to meet our White House "We The People Goal", which opens any day now for submissions.

Thank you!

Kick it up a level or two. Join us, Take the challenge Sign Petition


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