Lil’ Charles loved Tuskegee, Alabama. His first love was for his family and friends. He also loved a 4-acre parcel of land about five miles outside the city limits that my brothers, sisters and I farmed when we were kids. I had, on numerous occasions, talked to Lil’ Charles about the good and bad times we had farming and how one day my mom and dad would build a big house on the farm. Well, Lil’ Charles and I had adopted this dream, too. There on the hill crest would be the Love’s family house overlooking a small pond. My father affectionately called this acreage and pond “the little pond by the road side.”

I would be very happy for my mom to be able to spend the remaining years of her life in comfort and to honor Lil’ Charles’ precious eight years of life by placing his portrait in the center sector of the mantle piece.

Everyone who visits the house will always imagine him smiling as he watches in heaven over us. Our conversations about seeing this dream house when built kept us believing and hoping for better times and served to uplift our depressed spirits.

And to the millions of people who suffer through the tragedy of youth disease and death, I hope you will find a dream that strengthens you and helps you through the very worst of times.

Lil Charles Grand Dad

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