Humble Farm Refuge, INC

Until i learn better, please excuse photo!

Welcome Veterans - Seniors - Disabled...!

Our Go Fund Me Campaign! Working to stay together and ahead!

We're honored to serve you, we know Agriculture - Health and Education are keys to our success, success being prosperity over profit!

Together we're learning to make better choices for more healthier lifestyles.

Change - Sustainability - Passion - Interdependence, are the tools we use to address concerns of our own communities.





A noble cause for which to discuss, collaborate, participate, work, have fun, collectively raise monies to fund the farm, making it sustainable, and sharing with the world! A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Our priority is to raise funds to purchase land to expand our farm, with a concentration on Agriculture - Health and Education, using sustainable living, using a combination of modern technology and "back to the basics" relative to healthy eating and living.

For more information (explanation and overview) click here: Your Humble Farm and Refuge - Your Inner Voice

Go directly to Go Fund Me click here.

(((your inner

Your Humble Farm and Refuge - Your Inner Voice

HFR is a YIV sponsored event!

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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