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This thing will make you come up with a new idea real quick! A day gone by in the USA!

Today, we throw our clothes into an electronic washer, set it and forget it! But as a result?

We are always looking for ways to get out of work, I mean to make our jobs easier? Now, look at today, about what do you have to complain?

One of the most important and long standing aspects of personal hygiene and you know nothing about it! That is why I say, the more we learn the dumber we get. The less we do the lazier we get?

What more important things are there to do? How many more vacations, rest breaks can we get? Looks like the easier we make our work, the less we have to do, the lazier we get... So, if we made a machine to do all our work, then what? You invent one and lose five? You say, Dangerously beautiful, but we knew a lot more about the job we had to do?

How much does it cost to wash a load of clothes today? What do you do with a washing machine and no electricity or quarters? You hope you have good friends! Everything would be okay had we not tried to get out of work.

Speaking of important chores, washing is one of them and compared to yesterday's standards, look at the thought process and planning to go along with it, especially this old fashion rub board. But we were a more united people and family. We "made time".

This one is home made, cost pennies and was received from my mom who was born in 1916. If I had to guess, I would say they made this rub board in the 50's and she kept it even after receiving her first washing machine. Now, we get a new washer and throw the other away. Afterwards, she probably used it to do her delicate washing. However, I am sure this proven rub board brought us through the great depresson, when we had fewer and dirtier clothes.

I still have and treasure it today. I remember trying to use it. You could get some good blisters and calluses just breaking yourself in.

I guess rub boards could not keep up with the times, keeping our clothes looking newer longer, sensing and adapting to our laundry needs? So we came up with more practical and easier solutions to all the work required to do our laundry.

We wanted cleaner clothes, without the work, now we're out of a job?

Save Big! Best Value! Buy here! Great Financing Offer and ten year warranty??? Great credit! But who can afford it?

The scrub board and a tub has been replaced with this strange looking machine: Reckon we can afford to use it?

All we know is, it is a "got to have" quick and easy way to save work! Thank God it does get your clothes clean, but does that mean we are a cleaner people?

Cost average $300 depending on how clean you want your clothes??? It is so high tech, only a technician can repair it. Then there are all the invisible costs: taxes, finance charges, delivery, requires water and electrical connections and plus, there is an increase in your "monthly" utility bills.

Today, there is more washing, more things to be washed and more expensive machines to wash them?

By the time you get this high tech machine operating, to save you work and all that other stuff, you have spent, a minimum of $1000 bucks and ain't washed one load of clothes yet, and that does not include the dryer.

Saving your back is now breaking your pocket, which is still breaking your back!

You need talking to like this. You just cannot keep up! Now you understand how inflation goes to recession then to depression?

Quantity over quality, we have gone well beyond paying for convenience! How do you wash the blues away? Why do they have to be so fancy? At least you will know how to reinvent the rub board!

If you have one of these PLEASE share your photo!

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