Our educational systems have messed up more people than stump whiskey ever will.

moonshine still man

I agree, if you love your country, you'll have to love moonshine, Home-brew, Stump Whiskey! Fire-water, Likker! Hooch! Mountain Dew! White Lighting!n...
***No Revinoors Please***

Anybody who would have a man caught for trying to make a drank of likker ain't nothing but a dirty son-of-a bitch, I don't care who they are. - Popcorn Sutton

When used accordingly, moonshine is a well known cold remedy, Georgia Shine or any moonshine that is. How long has moonshine been around, since creation of man?

What caused the selling of moonshine to be outlawed, something so simple and self-sustaining as good old fashion moonshine? Don't we care about anything a person can produce or do we want it all to be produced by corporations? People came up with the idea, but profits are only allowed by corporations?

What caused prohibition? Was it MAD? Where was Mad then? Was it that too much bad moonshine was killing people. Did the government create bad moonshine to assist in the prohibition? Is the answer hidden in the hole of the stump?

Well, I would be the first to tell you about the medicinal and economic purposes of some good ole homemade brew, moon shine that is, I think it is divine!

Is not moon shine what helped us out of the great depression? Did not the running of moon shine create NASCAR in America? Why do we want to prohibit something that has been around since the beginning of man? Why do we do things like that to ourselves? It lasted for all those years and then along came YOU - rum-running and bootlegging? If moonshine wasn't illegal there would have been no problems with bad moonshine or crooks?

A moonshine quality test: pour a small quantity into a spoon and set it afire. A safe moonshine burns with a blue flame, "yellow or red could make you dead". Taste test: the level of the mushroom effect or the kick.

So, is it true that everything "worth a shit" is government controlled? The government takes control of everything valuable to the People? What about this website? There has to be a good reason to go to all that trouble of making moonshine. Actually, there have been several reasons, but they all boil down to one: government control of the alcohol trade.

Even disregarding how much resistance was put up against moonshining, moonshine is still here today. All the money we spend on store bought alcohol brands, just think of the money, heartache and pain saved had we allowed moonshine to be homemade.


mice wine

5 cans (11.5 oz) Welches 100% frozen grape concentrate, 3.5 Lbs granulated sugar, water to make 2.5 gallons, wine or distillers yeast.

Bring 2.5 quarts of water to boil and dissolve the sugar in the water. Remove from heat and add frozen concentrate. Add additional water to make 2.5 gallons and pour into fermenter. Add remaining ingredients to sugar water/concentrate except yeast. Cover with cloth fastened with rubber band and set aside 12 hours. after cooling to proper yeast temperature, add activated yeast and recover with cloth. Ferment 30 days..


Peace and Prosperity?

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