My Higher Consciousness; Oneness is the Secret.

higher consciousness

Crystals help align and balance yOur Mind, Body, and Spirit


My Higher Consciousness is my inner voice, the voice of yOur Creator in Onesness.

I am thankful to The Most High(TMH)for opening in me the channels to his energies of guidance, knowledge, wisdom, serenity and love. I enjoy sharing Crystal energy with others.

In peaceful Oneness, our natural state of being; I work to assist others stay connected with the voice of TMH by utilizing the healing power in crystals.

It is the voice of TMH that I listen to for assistance when utilizing Crystals to perform Spiritual energy healing. crystal pyramid amethyst inside

I am a Spiritual Healer who understands "Oneness is the Secret".

I channel and release UNIVERSAL energy to others by utilizing Crystal energy to align and balance your 7 chakras.

Crystals are highly effective with dis-ease within our mind, body and/or spirit. They enhance our state of Oneness.

crystal table

Earth’s vibrations can be felt through crystals. Whenever you need to recharge your energy, tap into the energy of a highly charged crystal. This energy has always been a resource to us; we just lost consciousness of its availability.

I am here and would like to use my crystals to assist you with understanding the healing effect of the vibrations Earth emits from her body through crystals; which, aligns and balances our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Oneness Pouches

Thank you for allowing me to share and feel free to contact me for information! My skill sets are available to you and I can be contact via email Renenet Sekhmet.

"We're constantly searching for sources of energy, Clean energy, where does it start and how do you tap into it?- Art (((your inner

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