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Welcome to Nita's Seamstress Shop!


Alterations! Drapes! Gowns! Pillows! Robes! Bags! Costumes! Flags! Caftans! Surgical Caps!

Sewing for all occasions!

A stitch in time saves..., experience and quality saves money! An ounce of prevention... 30 plus, Years, -n- Loving It!

Got A pattern, Add your own personal touch! Fast and professional!

Thank you for visiting, Enjoy samples I have posted and I hope to hear from you soon, sewing that is, fashion is my passion. Got an idea, may be I can help? The discussion is welcome. Until then...Nita


Nita’s Seamstress Shop
Macon, Georgia
Phone: 478-788-8331
"May my work speak for me?"

Nita's Dresses

Nita's Pillowcase Dresses

Bags by Nita

Vest and Skirt

Crocheted Hats by Nita

Cape and Hat by Nita

Custom Drapes and Pillows by Nita

Robes by Nita


Hebrew Garments by Nita

Arts and Crafts by Nita

Sewing With Nita

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If I can do it, so can you! Nita


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