The Miraculous POWER OF EIGHT

Start by asking yourself the following question:

“If I had what I thought I needed, what would I do differently? What dreams have I given up on that, I would start bringing to life?"

Then, once you have the answer, take at least one action on behalf of that dream, an action you failed to take before.

Write a letter of apology. Join a class. Make a phone call. Apply for a new job. Say yes, or say no. Reach out to someone. Do this even if you think it will not be enough to get you through to your goal – and watch new things begin to unfold in your life.

Inside of you, at your deepest core, is the Miraculous Power of eight, a repository of “pure oil" that is not limited by anything in nature. Although you may not be in touch with it, beneath your everyday sense of “who you are" lies a vast, untainted potential.

When you operate from the level of ‘seven’, you are constricted by your circumstances. Who you are and what you have to work with truly might not be enough to allow your light to shine.


Often, in the course of ordinary life, we feel blocked from fulfilling our true potential. We tell ourselves that we could be better, - if only…

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The Eight: the family of Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives. The eight people God spared from the flood that destroyed the Earth.



Many people follow the words of the Moguls.

Their common sense coupled with their earning potential make them leaders of the business world.

Eights are the masters of money.

Moguls are big picture enthusiasts & rarely get caught up in the fine details.

Their revolutionary ideas scare their competitors but rile up support from their teams, before they've even seen their full vision.

As long as a Eight is working they'll be in a leadership role, setting expectations & meeting goals.

Not without a little hard work but Eights find wealth & fortune easier than others.

A Moguls journey in life is to learn the freedom of letting go of their material attachment.

Society is the greatest beneficiary of all that they can bring to the table.

Preserving wealth amongst Eights is merely the challenge of ethically comprehending the nature of monetary gain.

Lessons learned through battles lost, prepare a mogul for their next win.

They have a strong survival instinct & persevere through hardships.

Eights experience many cycles in their business dealings that see them seamlessly flow through the peaks & valleys of industry.

Marriage is very valuable to Moguls.

Being able to afford solutions to most of life's problems, financial security provides their sense of fulfillment.

Legal practice, entrepreneurship, banking, property management, professors, noble prize winners, & award winning authors are just a few of the careers they might pursue.

Eights are the movers & shakers in the government, financial & industrial sectors.

Moguls have a great understanding of people, which helps them build their teams wisely.

They love their families & want their business to grow & prosper.

Eights will always go out of their way to assist their family.

They have boisterous personalities, & give everyone an equal level of love & attention.

Eights love the finer things in life & often climb social ladders quickly.

Moguls are well aware that living well isn't cheap & it fuels their ambition.

The level of influence they can reach opens doors of all kinds.

Eights become extremely important, respected & honorable.

Later in life Moguls may purse more independent goals & seek more personal freedom.

They are notorious for sticking to their guns, maintaining polished work processes & prompt delivery.

Eights are often as imposing physically as they can be financially, this evokes confidence in their supporters.

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