The All-American Father and Family Dynamics

As life will have it? Is this really a man's world? Is the role of the man quickly being eroded away, starting with his fatherly duties?

The traditional role of the All-American father is quickly slipping away. When it comes to family, especially in American families, it seems the role of the father is the least important and the easiest to abandon. We come together, have children and the first to leave the nest is normally, the father.

There are a whole bunch of reasons and excuses for that, but as actuality would have it, the role of a father has been merely reduced to a bank, consisting of sperm and money. As long as he pays, who cares?

However, there are some very serious consequences to be addressed, how do young men learn to become young men? How do potential fathers learn to be fathers? The dynamics of the American family, are they changing? Why and to what? Are being reduced to second class citizens, just as they treat women?

Is it because fathers are so screwed-up? What about men? What can we do about that? When?

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