My Attention

Where am I putting my attention and how to magnify it?

My website is not all about me, it's about what I can do to help others! There is such a variant of people that everybody can be great. I enjoy serving and with my website, I have learned the wealth of people and ways, I can help and be helped. There are some really smart people out here, just depends on where and how you decide to focus your attention.

My mind stays centered on the Spirit and whatever receives my attention is magnified. So I ask myself, Where am I putting my attention? When I place my focus on a circumstance or thought, it expands. When I notice a pain or an irritation and give it my attention, my aggravation increases. Likewise, when I hold a thought of the many ways I am blessed, my sense of appreciation builds.

When I notice what I focus on, I become aware of where my attention lies. If I wish to change, I can make a deliberate choice to switch my focus to that which uplifts my spirit and blesses others. A simple shift in the direction of my thoughts changes my day, and my life, for the better.

Help me magnify my teachings and make them glorious,-- That's what sitesell has done for me, a wonderful group, with whom to work and network.

Together, we will make a diference!

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