Steedley's, Wins It Again

Mmm... I can smell and taste that turkey all the way from here.

Smoked turkey, a delicacy that many people love. But let's face it, it is a bit expensive and time consuming to practice on.

Allow us to make the perfect smoked turkey for you. We smoke the Turkey, you get the praise....Can't beat that deal.

And most of all, you will enjoy the trip to pick them up.

Kenneth, the son of Eugene "Gene" McClendon, The Undesputed Master Of Smoked Meat, Blackshear, GA.

A legend, in his own time, Gene smokes it all, including wild game, fish and some times, even his vegetables.

I won't tell you how long he has been doing it, but if you are reading this article, more than likely he started before your time.

I will tell you, You have to be very good to get some.

So, if you want some of the best tasting smoked meat, for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, then, You better be nice and put your order in now.

Subscribe, then email or phone, Kenneth McClendon for more information. 912-283-3000

Gene is passing on a well-kept family recipe and tradition.

Steedley's Smoked Turkey or Meat

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