Welcome Address

Women Missionary Program

Oak Grove Baptist church
May 2007

On behalf of our pastor, The Oak Grove Baptist church family and our missionary anniversary, I extend to you, all warm greetings.

We are delighted for your presence and thank you for choosing to visit with us today.

It is said that a woman without religion is “a flame without heat, a rainbow without color, and a flower without perfume.”

We say that a woman with religion is a flame casting the light of God’s love into the dark places of its earth, a rainbow of mingled colors shining amid the storms of life and giving promise of God’s better day, a flower whose sweet perfume of love and devotion delights the nostrils of our heavenly father.

As Jesus went about preaching the gospel “the twelve were with him and certain women… which ministered unto him of their substance.” Each of these women were blessed by Jesus. In return they sought to share his blessed ministry with others.

In that same vein, through our women missionary, we endeavor to teach, promote and support our missionary work around the world.

In that spirit, we welcome you into our fellowship of service. We invite you to join your lives with ours as we help others in the labor of living and sharing the gospel.

Welcome today, we look forward to sharing our ministry to and through each of you…

Welcome to all and thank you for coming.

Have a blessed day…

written by Josephine Brantley

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