Don’t stoop to their level

I have been told that a few times, most of which, I paid no attention, until today. How united we are and are we more united today than we were yesterday? United we stand, divided we fall.

Sometimes the meaning comes to me like, fighting fire with fire? How do you respond without stooping to the level of the perpetrator, the bully, the billy bad ass?

Is there something wrong with going toe to toe, with a billy bad ass? What happens when you tell the teacher or call the police?

I sometimes think they are telling me to be smarter than the perpetrator. If he has guns and munitions and catches me off guard, he has the advantage. I just might live my last day to fight.

My other option is to keep him from over powering me, not only today, but to include future generations. You might beat my ass today, but tomorrow, I am coming back to get you. No matter how big or small you might be. I feel that way: Any time a man wrongs another man, it is going to come back to him. I did not make that rule? No man in his right mind is going to lay down and take a good old fashion ass whipping from you, all the time. I do not care in what fashion it comes. Just wouldn't be right. As a matter of fact, someone may come to my rescue, as long as i do not give up?

Why is that? Well my first test was: Am I A Racist?

I asked myself that question. Because of the way my life has been, that question just comes to my mind. Further, we are fighting terrorism. What good would it do to win that battle, if I am a racist? Don’t stoop to their level?

Am I A Racist?

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