Am I A Racist

Do you care…

Do you work with racists? Do you socialize with racists? Do you put up with racist bullshit?

Since the beginning of time, people have hated each other, people they do not even know, for no logical reason, unless you call manifested fear a logical reason. Why do we fear each other? Many abstain from humanely treating each other just because of what others might think and it snow balls from there. Their hearts can say one thing, but when it comes time to execute, their asses do another.

We will do a whole bunch of talking and actions to cover it all up and then, we feel it’s alright. As a matter of fact, we will label ourselves as the best country, best people in the world, knowing all the time, we are the bottom of the barrel, especially when it comes to sex. Talking about fooling yourself? You call yourself clean when you are as dirty as hell.

Today, I was checking myself. I know I might be able to squeeze by in some other areas, but if I am a racist, God forbid. In order to make sure, I decided to give a honest answer to this question, today, Am I a racist?

On one side we say we are suppose to love our fellow man? Like a friend, be there in the time of need. We are supposed to be Christian like, except when it comes down to that one little thing and then we start drawing lines. And believe it or not, we see the world as a better place. We actually think we are making serious progress, as a people. We fail to see we are becoming more and more divided. Well, what good is it when we are doing nothing about it? You are fighting for a right that you do not intend to honor. You will use soldiers to fight a war against terrorism, when you are the culprit? Then you will hire a police force to protect you and destroy your enemy, when you are your own enemy. Everything is backwards in the mind of a racist and it is always somebody else's fault. Forgive them for they know not what they do. You know - John 3:16!

Today, I was also told that racism has nothing to do with hatred? Just they stay on their side of the fence and we stay on ours. My question is how long can that last, especially knowing the land divided by fence belongs to us all. What about future generations, freedom, unity, harmony? Creating problems for the next generation to fix? Things will change. Doing nothing makes you just as guilty as the perpetrator. To me, it says, you are fair game, when caught on "the other side of the fence"? That you do not deserve to be there?

Racist fear and then they hate, first themselves and then others. They would like to love themselves, but their fear and hatred just will not allow it? Racist just want to kill the people they hate. Now, without any logical reason, they can think of, so they kill you just because of who they have made themselves to be. You can never tell about a racist. That's what makes a racist so dangerous.

When a racist gets into a fit rage, they blame the people they love most. What is an abusive husband, son or anybody for that matter? For no rhyme or reason they sneak in a burn, blow-up, shoot, kill and destroy the likes of everything they love, churches, houses, cars; anything nobody else has the nerve to do, a racist will do it? That's how they know what is so important to you.

Hitler was a world renown racist. I do not think we have racists in high level positions in America? We have prayer in all public places. I mean these are real people walking around, just looking for someone or something other than themselves to hate. That’s how a racist makes a living.

You see a racist really does not hate the people they destroy, it’s the shear adrenalin rush for doing something so horrific, to get what they want. That power makes them think they are very important and powerful people. We’ve got support! Racist rule by intimidation. As long as you fear them, they are alright.

Much like a bully, a Racist is a punk when they run into people they cannot scare. A racist is a coward, that’s why they are so dangerous. What’s the difference between a terrorist and racist? A racist terrorizes innocent people, for no logical reason. Hatred.

Am I a racist? Will I deny my bed to a person of another race, just because I am afraid of what others might think? Racist or Christian? It all starts at home, hatred? Then it spreads to your yard, community, neighborhood, city…. A racist will shoot the first son of a bitch that steps in their yard, their town, their country. Here’s the crazy part about it all, they’ll expect to be treated with the utmost respect. People hire racist to do what they are afraid of doing. They do not want anyone to know, so they live in isolated communities. They are going to make sure none, of the innocent people they bring harm to, can get close to them, protected identities.

Why does the bed have to be the test? Well, I had to think of something that would be quite personal to me? Racist: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority. A pet or a cheating abusive misguided spouse or friend, no problem; but not another human being of that race? What would my family and friends think of me? It's okay to be around them on the job or other public places, but my home is off limits.

I would say racism is people hating people and it's passed on from one generation to the next. The reason doesn't matter, a racist will always find a good excuse, gender, age, sex, fat, gay, lesbian, race, religion, political affiliation and then a racist uses fear and bullying type tactics to recruit you or is that forcing you to conform? A racist doesn't care.

How do racists recruit? Well, you are not born that way, so training has to take place somewhere. Do we have racist training camps in America?

Where are the racists? I think on how we came to be America and Americans? What were the significant contributing factors? Was it the bloody Indian wars or the trans-Atlantic slave trade? Or was it our ability to make sound ethical and moral decisions?

How do you train a person not to be a racist?

What should a bonafide racist do? Know that you that you suffer from a mental disorder that was never formally admitted and in that case, you are far less than the people you fear and hate. Your work is self-defeating. You avoid or undermine pleasurable experiences, and are drawn to situations and relationships in which you suffer dearly, and prevent others from helping your. You are plagued by depression, guilt, and behaviors that produces pain. You incite angry or rejecting responses from others and then feels hurt, defeated, or humiliated (e.g., makes fun of spouse). You are uninterested in or rejects people who consistently treat you well, e.g., unattracted to caring sexual partners. Nothing good will come to you until you change.

Does that sound a lot like the world in which we live today? If you ignore and do not point these things out, what are you?

Do you care? Moving on: Don’t stoop to their level. Call'em just the way you see'em.

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Racial tensions escalating in America

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