Blest thought!

cross made from the chains of slavery

Not lost, Blest
But gone before,
where we shall
To part no more.

- Words taken from the Headstone of a slave's grave!

The fact you are here means: YOU ARE HEALED! An Undeniable fact, a truth. Say `Blest Thought`. HEAL a people, Nation and World!

Some get it and some won't, be grateful there a power greater than you who made it easier by already figuring out the hard part.Make it easier for the next generation by figuring out the hard part.

  • For the good of my people and welfare of ALL.
  • Back to the basics.
  • Moving forward and making peace with self.
  • Encouraging others to lead, something people can do for themselves. Enter to learn
  • Self-sustaining living means Lifting as we climb, Your God and Mine!!!
  • An Intellectual Revolution to be heard. My 'aha' moment - 9999! Seeing something and saying something: The spirit of our nation, different for a different time.

(((your inner

Slavery Burial Marker

Life after death?

"She’s satisfied when he’s satisfied"

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