The picture is the same

It's the scent of beautiful flowers in the air, do you stop smelling them because it's Winter...

I'll tell you a little secret, funny but real? I flunked reading comprehension - damn. The crazy part about it is: I really enjoyed the course and thought I was passing. How could you enjoy something knowing you're flunking? How could someone else be so low down, just don't give a shit, wasting time? How could you enjoy sex knowing you ain't doing shit, except... making matters worse? Now, the teacher is dead and I'm still living...funny how life works itself out. They're dead and gone, nobody knows them and I'm writing like hell. Reckon they'll read it? Do you think they understand by now, same sex and everything? Oh the web we weave, something like that. Don't need no help from us.

Your first paragraph ...She’s satisfied when he’s satisfied

It’s not about what you think. Sometimes the mind can play tricks and the brain can’t follow. The brain is just one level and this is the level on which we most often dwell. It’s all about the physical moment, very little understanding, just conscious of what’s right now. Here we make well more mistakes than successes - learning. We know because mistakes, like pains which are necessary to get us where we need to go, in a timely manner.

It is at this level where timing, which we ain't got no more, is of great concern. We don’t listen, keep adding on more and more bullshit and calling progress. We’re too impatient for any significant progress on our shift, too much unnecessary shit to worry about? Too pre-occupied with beleiving our own bullshit.

We don't listen anymore. What is the use in listening when you know every fucking thing. Education, What is there to think about? Are you college,,, whatever happened to passing high school? It’s all programmed but we're about the dollar...go figure? We're no longer satisfied with being just another pebble on the beach, nooo, we've got to further complicate shit. nothing more or less we know ...and if you try like hell to make this more complicated than they really are, you're only hurting yourself,,, all you’re doing is wasting your fucking time. We spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel. It took until we got here to figure out we can add a motor, so we want you to think.

Ever take the time to ask yourself why… no, because for the sake of a dollar, we’re too busy making up our own lies. What did people have before our lies, did they have a problem with being late? In our time you do not get paid for telling the truth and we made it that way… go figure. We want everything…on our fucking time. Like eating your cake and ice cream too.,,,do you fear one of them is going to run away? What’s the rush? Why do have to do it in four years, eight years, twelve years, fourteen years… when it you're only making things worse. What good is a high school diploma anymore? does it really take that long to teach a child what he doesn't need to know and cannot use…Be realistic and understand what’s you’re really doing. Who speaks english anymore? Why are you demanding they speak spanish, remember we didn't go over there, they came here? I guess we'll go over there to better learn how to speak English.

Consider the consequences. All this shit was given to us and was here well before our monkey asses but we give credit to one man. Don't challenge or you want pass this test. All we talk about is “shit we don’t know”… isn't that a crime?

People who subscribes know they ain’t learning a fucking thing. Well, if they did they wouldn’t be doing the things they do and we wouldn't be talking about "go back to school". Why don't you send some of these East Indians to school? Why am I having to make all this effort to explain, train them to do, what I'm not allowed? Can I join the Patel family, do they have a green card process, i go over, get me a store and make a living off the hard work and backs of WHO? Have they put in any time, do they have more experience, can they read, write or did I take the wrong course???

They would be doing something much more constructive like helping those having problems surviving and we wouldn’t need to fork out any cash. Bottom fucking line. But we don’t want this and I fully understand. We’d much rather take the more difficult route to get to where we are going to go anyway. How is right now better than where you’re going?

Have you seen those Chic-filet messages, bet you thought they were stupid didn’t you? And now you know…too late.

But deeper down in the soul is another level and it’s at this level the brain opens the door to go deeper level within the mind. . .It’s mystical and we don’t like to talk about it, only with our close friends, those who quite capable of reaching this level deep. It’s not up, ain’t learned how to put a price on and can’t take it away. Life is living in the world of the dead. Can you communicate at this level? Does the presence of their spirit ever go away? Why cry, make it a sad event, racial, hatred…man know thyself and the ways of your enemy too.

 Keep in mind, there are some people who don’t want you to succeed and that is their sole purpose, no matter the language, color, size, gender, money, hospitals, banks, government, schools, funeral homes, bills, credit…damn….and they want you to think this all, the best shit is only the shit you get from them. Nobody makes better even though we buy all our shit from CHINA. We seen all the jobs there… and they want us to think China is a potential threat. If they are such a fucking threat then why don’t we leave them be? Who wants shit from China but every fucking thing is from CHINA. they always have an excuse. We know this.

When you’re dead you don’t miss shit, just all the bullshit we have to offer, ain’t much is it and we all have to die. Like it never was, there's no other way, this is the best way, we act as if we have no concept of time, credit the people before us, an accurate fucking history. Delusional, we have no concept of time and respect for what they put in. 

What kind of incentive is knowing this? If you don't give it to them, what makes you think, I should think you're going to give it to me? It's a two-way street and we're both on it, should we try and have an accident? Shouldn't we build streets accordingly?

Put a cherry on that and if we didn’t fear dying we wouldn’t have funeral homes. A whole nother article one day.

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(((your inner I hope I win the lottery, I don't know why but my friends think it would be cool.

"Paying and earning millions of dollars"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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