My Game Plan .9999

You say, I need a game plan and I say, "Sir, with all due respect, What's wrong with the fucking game plan of this country?"

How can I develop and execute a sound game plan, when the game plan of this whole operation is screwed up? Think about something greater than "your own ass", I do and that's what fuels me.

No, I'm not "trying" to change the world, I'm just saying pay me for bringing the solution for "all" our and your problems. All the problems your news tells you can easily be resolved, if we wanted. Now, that is a SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS my friend.

Instead of occupying America, boycotting, demonstrating, lobbying, politicking, and doing nothing, I propose doing it with my website and my website is doing all of that, plus.

Petition, Request and Prayer- .9999 unnecessary bloodshed stopped and suffering relieved. Mr. Cain had 999, Mr. Art’s has 9999.

This website: Unique Selling Point, it’s different, the NY Times, AJC, CNN, TNT, the Bible, Zen, Koran… accept, This is in LIVING COLOR. Addresses the most important issues World-Wide, Global… What could be more important than one’s self. Get that one right and you will not have time for all that other bullshit. What does “bullshit” do for you? What can you do about bullshit? Can your local politician save you? What do they have to say about the GRAVEYARD?

Get serious, stop playing stupid games with your life and everybody else’s life. Shit is well OVER-COMPLICATED today.

Technologically speaking, what happened to our jobs? I did not ask for a long line of bullshit, but do you know “No jobs, No Economy” equals “Social and Economic Decline”?

Now, most of you will not believe the shit until it hits you square in your face, but if you plan now, a lot of unnecessary bloodshed will be stopped and suffering relieved.

How is that Art? – Come out of denial. Understand your fear and ignorance is the problem and it’s the same problems since the beginning of America; except it has gotten worse. Worse is a mild description. For those of you who disagree, Ask the people who are suffering. Do you think most are suffering or most Americans are living on easy street? We are giving more than ever before, but what do we get in return?

Why are we "acting like" we’re coming out of a racial, gender revolution, why was it in the first place, it would take some sick “Mother Fuckers” to enslave any race of people and degrade their own women. Don’t give me that long line of Bullshit, just put the shoe on the other foot and especially to a people who treated them so inhumanely as you.

Why do we treat our women so bad and then deny it? We see bad as good and good as bad and that is ass-backwards. None of it has stopped, just gone underground. You are a GUILT RIDDEN SOB. And that is the biggest problem in America today, denial and you don’t want anybody to know. You cover it by fixing everybody else’s problems – the speck and the plank.

It’s obvious and everybody knows, except for those in denial. Education system – more Bullshit! Healthcare – more Bullshit! News – more Bullshit! Crime – more Bullshit, religion – started all the Bullshit and then you say if you don’t like it move to another country. What makes you think this is your Fucking country? I mean that. Who are White People, from where do you come and why did you give up your ethnicity? Who made you an American, then why don’t you share equally with them – Play fair? Resources – more bullshit? Land management – more bullshit! Pollution – more bullshit! Budget – more bullshit! People – more bullshit, we're supposed to be able to trust somebody aren’t we? Shit just gets worse, for no good reason? Where is the balance? Talent and stage - Sound bites

Is that the way we’re supposed to live? Okay, today is a new day and your future generations will be tasked with doing your job, yes the job your sorry ass neglected and that is to “clean up home”. I’ll stop right here. And no I ain’t mad or any of those other nice to have words you like to use to anyone willing to show you how simple life is supposed to be. Do you see how great this suffering is in the land of Uz? Whether you live it, educated, innovator or creator, Life is simple.

In it for you Back to the fucking basics. Stress - less! Do you know why people have no respect for country, because they have none for self. Is that fucking complicated? Better health! Why can’t the news man just get on tv and tell the fucking news? Why do we need 50 versions of the SOS? Can’t we consolidate them all and get the “real poop”? All these different fucking cars, none of which runs? To the wicked, why make a new car every fucking year? Do you know how much money we could save just from “NOT BEING SO STUPID”. But nobody, with power, is willing to take charge. So what’s going to happen to your monkey ass?

We want to get it so, we don’t have all this negative news to tell 24/7. Wouldn’t it be nice to the see the news go off the air early one time. It only carries bad news and that is what makes it so interesting to you.

For me! I want to be recognized for telling the TRUTH and the only way I know to do that is in such a way it gets your undivided attention. You see we are Scary Cats, we say one thing and do another. How can anybody understand you?

Doesn't matter who we put in front of our punk asses and we’re too quick to make it a soldier. Look at all the needless lives lost in Iraq and what do we have to show for it? A man loses his life and we ain’t got shit! Now, you tell me how that makes sense? Even worse we’ve hunted down and Killed a couple, why in the Sam Hell couldn’t we do that in the beginning - ASSASINATION?

Well rewarded for the “just in time” warnings, the truths, candor, to say and demonstrate “a better way of living”. What way, the one we keep trying to get away from. Every man should have the utmost respect for another man and every people should have the utmost respect for another people and it all starts with you. That’s a universal law. My Calling!

Yet I maintain my integrity. A man will give all he has for his own life. Strike his flesh and bones; and he will surely curse you to your face.

Pay me and I'll get a farm. This is a matter of SURVIVAL and not just for me.

(((your inner

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Queen BEE

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