Entering and Departing

inefficient and ineffective, Lacking physical coordination, Is this U?

I love you too! Technology on the horizon! Contact her to learn how best to help me! Enter to learn.

awkward in skill, grace, movement or action always breaking things. Is that YOU? Are you just "clumsy as hell" and don't know it?

While you're prettying up your face, you might want to read this. Abusers of Knowledge. The simple term for that disease is CLUMSY. The simple cure is below.

Though we've made it a crime not to be educated, at the same time, we've made receiving a formal education a slow death sentence.

Why enter and what should happen upon your departure? Why go anywhere without expectations and what should happen upon your departure?

Have we evolved to become knowledge abusers, for our own selfish reasons? Have our system of education evolved into a money making, instead of a wealth of knowledge, are we that greedy? As we were doing that, what happened? No functional education! We're actually funding and supporting a system of education designed and administered to destroy YOU. Destroy how: Not knowing how to use it is detrimental to your good health and well-being.

Computers and computer technologies have revolutionized the way we communicate and do business today-2012. Used properly computers are a welcome breath of fresh air, knowledge. But did we need them to bring us out?

Are we really that lazy, controlling, greedy, selfish... with what is so precious as knowledge? The learning curve.

Computers are nothing more than machines valued for their ability to solve problems critical to national interests in areas like defense, energy, finance and science. Does that cover ECONOMIC and SOCIAL DECLINE? Is that saying we're too lazy to properly think? The world's fastest computer.

However, had people been doing their jobs, there would be no need or reason for computers. All the computers in the world cannot beat the human brain, if we were to use it. DISCOUNT!

Heads up! Not only our children, but US, had we given ourselves the "Functional Education", we so desperately deserve, then they would be able to take their proper place in the society and the world.

"Functional Education", then they may take their place in the world and be more productive - Technology on the horizon.

Simple cure: Enter to Learn, Depart to Share… – Margaret D. Dawson, Educator and Exceedingly wise. Sharing good information is what it is all about.

Knowledge is not stored but shared and it's not how much you have as much as it is knowing where to go to get it.

(((your inner voice.com)))Technology on the horizon.

Funny self improvement NEWSLTR.

Cyber crime heightens!

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