Life After Death

What people say about you after death

Blest thought?

Life after death?

Don't care, I'm still living?

I don't, waste of time to even think about?

They are going to tell lies? Where are you living?

I don't care because I am dead???

Will and Insurance money?

Do you say and do kinds things? How often?

I guess it just depends on how you living.

Were you loved, are you, do you feel it, do you even know the word? Confess!!! Does your family know you love them? Can you prove it? Love is an action word. What does your son or daughter really "feel" about you?

Take it from somebody who knows-- Child abuse ain't no joke. Did you see where the kids accused their parents of starving them to death? Now, just imagine being straved of love? No_Life_after_death?

Otherwise, people would keep doing wrong no matter what? How many chances do you get? How many do you give?

There is a life after death.

There is life after death!

Will you be accoutable by man's law or God's law? Not the Christian God, but the God of "all" Human Beings.

Living in "Hell"


Blest thought?

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