Resources to be exploited

Now, one article explicitly said "a resource" to be exploited and I'm wondering about what the hell they talking.

Does anyone know when you are really hurting inside, do they care, then why do we act like we do? Double standard, who doesn't want what they want ASAP? Institutions want their money on time and are only going to listen to just so many of your excuses, no matter how dire your need.

People say my articles can be very confusing, not grammatically correct and if I want people to invest, then I'll have to be better!!! Did you know you write like you talk and I hear these wannabees talking, gathered over in a corner talking about their own kind? And whose most notorious for this? Now, tell me this is not a hypocrite?

I respond: "Do you know when I started this, I could not read nor write and they shut the fuck up. Do you think Northers speak better than Southerns? Ever overheard an old woman say, "You can't tell her shit" or “a hard head makes a soft behind”? Your excuse is not valid, but they can be tardy, have a valid excuse, no matter your sense of urgency??? Have you noticed the busiest people are never too busy to take time to show you – priorities, values?

What about educated vs. uneducated, professional vs. unprofessional? Then, how do we get crooked politics or are they politically and socially correct? Why do they figure they can tell you when they are there to serve you and your best interest? You ain't seen confusing yet!

If you are not doing what you're supposed to then of course you will not understand, don't want to understand and in a serious state of denial, yet you expect everybody to understand your ass. Ever tried understanding some of these job, loan, insurance applications? What about business practices, taxes, utilities and all these profit driven things written not to be understood???

I'm sixty years young and don't you think by now my mind has seen some shit since I've been living and I do not need anybody to tell me what it was. Starting with most cannot read nor write as horrible as me and those who do, cannot be trusted. EVer listened to any of these dialects we speak? Does Main Street America understand the language of Wall Street America and does Wall Street America care? So, why do you pick on me? How can two of the same species not understand each other and they didn't have to go to school? How can two of anything living side by side not understand the other? Instinct, even a fly understands you can swat it?

Here we go on a resource to be exploited and it all started with this statement: "A resource that must be exploited while it last". What is that resource?

Those exploiting are predators and what’s being exploited is prey. Resources draw prey in great numbers which in turn support a larger number of predators.

Females do most of the work, while males are lazy leaders, primarily used for protection. Females spend most of their day looking for opportunities to target their prey. Is this true or not?

Ever had one of those days when you feel like a pain in the ass to all your friends. How do you think a telemarketer feels after a long day at work? What about a policemen? Finally, you had great day, you’re excited, add in a little drama, then happen upon a friend and they respond like??? Do you think they care because you got a new boat, but when they get a new toy, a new discovery, you’re supposed to act like you’re as "happy as hell’ about their drama??? You are supposed to be complimentary and they set the standard. We completed a new highway, hotel, restaurant... but who gives a shit about you waking up another day? You can live in a small house in the hood, but them??? You can drive an average car, but them? You can live on a meager income but them? What is the psychological term for this?

Because you feel you're dressed nicely, what gives you the right to make it a standard denouncing my dress? And then you create a salvation army and I am supposed to be elated over your willingness to share your seconds??? It’s okay to dig up dirt on your opponent but don’t get caught---Donald Trump, Jr.

This ideology is  also very prevalent in our homes, women want men to overly excited about their shit, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding rings but if you suggest removing any these, be prepared for a challenge. What's wrong with a man who doesn't want to go to church? Is going to church making things better and even better, is my not going influencing others? So, if more people do not attend church this is encouraging others not to attend and my ass is going to hell???

Why do men want to act like the perfect husband when they know their asses are as guilty as hell?. How can any cowboy celebrate a victory over any Native American? I don't care whether you're living or dead, "mistreatment is not rewarded". Women want you to revel in religion, their respect, their desires, but just look at their asses. Ever asked a woman to go to battle? Look what happened to Hillary Clinton, now we all caught-up in this bullshit??? Who are women to suggest setting standards for men, but not want men to do the same for them? It is okay to be a Diva but they condemn you for your pants hanging off your ass? Do you know how long men have been showing their natural cracks, not pants hanging down but exposing the natural crack of their asses to anyone who wants to look and you have the audacity to condemn somebody showing underwear? And to be a mature adult saying, "you don't care about the feelings of others"??? Not as in I don't mind, but as in I have the final word, no room for compromise, rationalizing or further communications, it's my candy and I do not care if you have any or not.

I was raised in a family of eight boys and to minimize drama my parents banded the words, "I do not care", for obvious reasons.

Do women selectively forget about karma, this is the meaning of "a" resource exploited? And the perception of "not caring" is the whole point.

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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