Human Nature to take advantage of each other

They are actually teaching stuff like this in our schools of higher learning and here is how.

Sometimes I feel like a myth buster.

Human Nature for us to take advantage of each other? There are Takers and Givers.

I was chatting with one of my most recent college graduates, a History buff, about my efforts to bring about good working together change, when he said, “That ain’t possible”! “That it was human Nature for us to want to take advantage of one each other”. And when you listen to his long line of School Trained Bullshit, it sounds like my innocent friend is stating the facts.

Some would say I did not give enough information for you to go on and/or it depends on the gist of our conversation, but that’s not true either. Bottom Line: If you say it is human nature for us to want to kill/take advantage/abuse each other, That is a lie and Look at your source! That is like saying the only way I can be prosperous is by standing on your neck?

In order for me to look good, must I make you look bad? Does brutality convince you that hatred is justified? Why must it go that far?

Human nature versus Learned behaviors? It is human nature for us to want to survive and we know the best way for us to do that is through LOVE! We learn that lesson early on in family, until we are exposed to our LEARNED BEHAVIORS. That is where we get things confused. It is not natural for me to steal from my neighbor,,,,common sense,,, what happens when my neighbor steals from me?

Our system of education and higher learning supports and teaches theories like this human nature to take advantage of each other crap. It is how they explain, exploit, compete in a Capitalistic Society. Tricking the next guy makes you a better man?

Again, look at your source, that is how America came about, a double standard system. Look at today and you realize the result of teachings and practices from yesterday-- A poor man does not stand a chance! We always have to have someone to hate and fear, just because someone else said to hate them. When I came alone, it was Russians, White People and Native Americans. I had nothing against these people, yet my society taught me to hate them. We are really some stupid Ass People. Why would you fight a war against someone with whom you have no quarrel-stupid?

Most people have Blinders On, they ignore most things going on around them, on a daily basis. Their excuse might be, they have so much on their mind—focused??? Either way, they are in their own little world and walk right on by you? So many people see but are too lazy to get involved—Learned behavior! But on the same token, they do not want to be abused, their stuff stolen, their kids beat; and they expect witnesses if something does happen? That is the stupid part about it all—learned behavior and our society teaches us that. You need an attorney for almost everything because A MAN’S WORD AIN’T WORTH A SHIT any more. In that is our problem, we are forced fed, conditioned, brainwashed to believe all this stupid bullshit, just because, we do not want YOU to understand what is really going on. What the hell is a CEO? Can you trust any Politician? Is our economy getting better or worse? Is attending church doing any good? Then why the hell do we keep going backwards?

We got the best water system, but we can no longer drink the water? The best autos, buildings, homes, computers, tv, yet we know even less about survival? Can we best survive by preying on each other?

It is not human nature for us to want to destroy each other, that is type of society, but it is human nature for us to want to love each other, that is what we do not want to believe or practice.

To practice love, what does that make you? Is it better to be gay, muscle man, politician, preacher, teacher, executive, career, rapper.... What you do today, no matter how much you think it is for today, is not for today, but tomorrow.

Remove your blinders. That's why we, our country ain't got shit today and no matter how much you and I think we have, if our country ain't got shit, how can we?

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