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How does one sale a Website?

Inspiration, Spirituality and Income! This is not a gimmick or get rich quick scheme, it is and has always been all about SELF-HELP, with you in mind. Why not share as I help myself? I know! Really, how good is this website? How good are you?

What is it made of, images, graphics, flash, CSS? Websites making money??

What about the longevity, ranking or where does it reach, Who? Thought provoking and smart work? The right stuff, at the right time? Is it "What you need, when you need it"? Can you find it?

Cosmetics? Is there a little something for everybody? The right price? Test drive it...MUST READ TO APPRECIATE. Humorous, with a twist!

Working from home and on the web is new and seems to be more promising than regular Brick and Mortar joints. Heah! Your boss wants to see you. Message from your Boss

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  • LEARN to better handle life’s obstacles and hardships! Well, if we were so good at it, would crime rates be so high?

  • Make major decisions with ease. Achieve! Follow your dreams! Not somebody else's. Time for a change. Challenge yourself to do something you can share. That is the kind of inspiration needed. Help somebody make a fire in the winter and cool themselves in summer. Communications, help everybody get on the same sheet of music, with the best of the best. No extra charge, this is my contribution, this is my company and this is my land!

  • Take the challenge, invest $300 in yourself and your future? Start a business in your living room, with the potential of earning your retirement. Following success! Where is that guy from Virgil Unite,,,Richard Branson, Ken Evoy, Jay Abraham, Yank Silver? Do you really have what it takes? Do you know someone you would like to help? Help meet the stimulus package halfway.

    Transform Yourself into an Online Entrepreneur!
    Procrastination leads to Consternation!

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Build your own success story! Imperfect action is better than no action.

Do you like to write? Immediately publish yourself and work? Have more control over your web presence and destiny? Let's say you live next door to me, down in rural America, Backwoods, South Georgia. Your world consist of a 30 mile radius and most likely you will spend a life time within the walls of that radius. You are a recent highschool graduate and have not received a call on that Mechanci Assistant Job, you applied for last week.

Looking for a job can be quite expensive and the vision of the yellow brick road is growning dim, while the pressure to get any job is building; bills keep coming, you need, transportation, food and clothing, and would like to be a better provider for your family. These needs keep growing. Wow, it will take two years to become skilled in that Mechanic course of study offered at the local community college and you just finished the struggle to get a valid driver's license. God forbid unfortunate circumstances and the chances of your dream mechanic job being available on graduation day. See attrition rate by state, high school and college. GOOGLE IT!

Millionaires, The Next Generation

You are smart and talented, but a bit short on cash and motivation, as usual. $12 to $15 per hour, maximum salary, will take you 12 to 15 years to earn. You have got a burning desire to share your passion for "anything". You have got "one good shot". You can spend your ad dollars trying to reach 35,000 people or with an ad campaign capable of getting the attention of the Whole World. What option would increase your chances of success? Really, you could do both to increase your chances. Expand your world and expand your chances for personal growth and a prosperous life; especially while you are young! Your idea just may be the one more idea or the one more person, needed to help get our economy back on track.

One door closes and another opens! Make Your Words Sell!

Make Your Site Sell

Results -"Top 1%"

Can the road to success be spelled out any clearer or easier. A lot of hard work and effort goes into any good business or endeavor. With whom are you working?

See what's in it for YOU.

You are a dedicated, hardworking employee, I know your job would not dare terminate you. You want to make the best investment possible, so you are investing in the company you work for, 401k, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, Lehman Bros, Big Three Auto,,,Boy, you AND your efforts are really doing our economy a BIG FAVOR. Well, at least you get a good, nice, secure, fat pay check every two weeks, without fail.

For investment purposes! Are websites great investments? Where do great investment begin? Yourself, could you make a better choice for investment purposes. Will you overlook your own abilities to make things happen?

Are the needs for websites on an increase?

Here is The Proof.

Free, no obligation click here. Finding the right investment for yourself and family? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Would you like to help an aspiring entrepreneur to succeed?

"Buy It, Fix It, Flip It, The Art of Buying and Selling Websites?

Learn How To Appraise Your Own Website

It is amazing what one can accomplish with a little help.

********************************************************"Nothing remains true to you but your own self; provided you remain true to it." -- Franz Grillparzer********************************************************

I hope you enjoy adventure as much as I do! That is life everyday or you're in the wrong business.

Expect The Unexpected!

Remember your New Year's Resolution!

"Don't Be Discouraged, It's a MIRACLE" 2007

*** Witness the Power of Word-Of-Mouth, Knowledge is power!***

The best information we can ever have is what we share!

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