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Intelligence versus Action


The common sense factor always appears to be minus in the people persona of the very intelligent. INTELLIGENT PEOPLE are experts at squashing GOOD IDEAS.

Those you consider highly intelligent are most often the ones killing your good ideas, the good ideas of action-oriented people. They are ideas that are time-tested and proven.

Common sense and respect have been thrown out for "education", "polls" and "research". Using the above, highly intelligent people quickly explain to action oriented people why their ideas will not work. And when they fall victim to ethical and moral dilemmas, who do they call upon to get them out?

The way we implement our educational process have resigned us to scientific evidence and proof, regardless of the fact there is no science to human behavior and that science has the remarkable ability to divide people. That is where our double lives come in, the life we live in public and the life we live behind closed doors. We say one thing and do another. We have taken the human aspect out of the decision making and substituted numbers and science, the same as quantity over quality. Nothing is clear and transparent?

For obvious reasons, highly intelligent people have very few people with whom they openly share. They do not want action-oriented people to know their action side. They know yours, but you can not know theirs. You just may learn how bad you are being cheated! They come up with scientific ways of describing the obvious. They would never agree that one plus one equals three, but they expect you to accept their reasoning why it always equals 2. When does 1+1=3?

You end up with an academic beat down instead of a true democracy. More people scurry to get the same credentials so they can do the same. Now, we do not know what they do nor their intentions. Consequently, we loose interest in the whole process. So where does intelligence over action stop?

Intelligence is a good thing, as long as the same people can do, but action people have already proven themselves and are easier to follow. Next election, elect people who do more. Recommend them and support them. The idea is for both to work better together.

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