woman men dont think exist anymore

Where is she? If you ain't Christian, you ain't ...dehumanize someone?

"Nasty, disease-ridden plodding uterus, an utter skank crack-filthy whore, a prostitute slutbag juice-receptacle" and a "Sperm-burpin' gutter slut,"; to whom would they be referring? What people?

Where is she? If you ain't Christian, you ain't shit...That is what I hear "God Fearing" women saying. Even though the greatest teachers say, do not judge a person by color, race, religion, hair... Women and black women in particular, think men who are not as Christian as they are, ain't shit. They will tell you stuff like, "we have nothing in common", even though they know otherwise. Just with whom do they have something in common?

Who pays alimony? What do I sacrifice for more attention and special treatment? Are men entitled to sex? Does it seem we react to rejection with the maturity of a child being denied a toy? What kind of bride is a male ordered bride?

Did Jesus Christ just fool around with Christians and if so, how would he have ever converted anyone?

Men think women have all gone bad and rightfully so. Just look at how our best women think. IF you don't believe in Jesus Christ they look down upon you, even though they know those who believe don't even listen and obey.

NOt one time do they consider the content of one's character, no matter what religion. Why is it men just want one thing from women? Jesus Christ was a man and how did Mary get knocked-up? Are these all biblical characters or are they real people?

Woman men don't think exist anymore, don't exist anymore. We have a new woman who knows and they are tired of being treated like they have been treated. So they are absolutely right and that is the biggest reason women are treated as "second class citizens"; they know but will not do a damn thing about it.

What about same sex marriages, abortions, DFCS...? Do women really know what that thing between their legs is for, other than selling for their profit driven enemy? Why are dating sites so popular? Are we ruining that too? What does a woman do on a farm? What is her place, her work? Should health insurance plans cover birth control? Would you be a slut or prostitute if you thought like that? Ask Rush Limbaugh and many of you tune in to him.

People complain about what I write, but do they read these other writers, who make a helluva lot more money than me: and said she "... is so encrusted and used, that I had to throw out my flat-panel TV because her appearance on my TV infected it with AIDS, gonorrhea and syphilis." There are many, many more worse comments...

Why don't white women date black men? Why do black women hate white women? Why do white men put white women on pedestals while paying them lower salaries? Why do black women follow white religion?

How far can you browse before finding several thousand men bemoaning how all women are gold-digging whores (7,500 upvotes) and how crazy and irrational women are (9,659 upvotes) and how horrible and gross and fat women are (4,000 upvotes). Or browse the "Men's Rights" section and see weird fantasies about alpha males defeating all the hot women who try to control them with their vaginas.

Do women, especially Black Women have a clue about what's really going on? Do they exist? Is this what they taught, were they right?

What we learn as kids is really hard to deprogram as an adult and you can't be what you can't see. We learn males are owed, and are to be awarded sex. Sex is your Christian duty.

There are two ways to dehumanize someone: by dismissing them, and by idolizing them. It's not what you think!

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