your inner,The Mission

Inspiration, Spirituality, Prosperity

My mission is:  To support sustainable lifestyles, through education and practice.

To enhance the quality of life for all willing human beings. To do anything requires inspiration and spirituality, and the end result will be prosperity.

Vision - Your Inner Voice

This project has been in progress for more than 15 years. The world today is something else and the main thing is PROFIT. When you finally realize you have been put on the wrong road home, there is much internal work to be done to even come close to rectifying your situation and then, having the courage to share in order to bring about peaceful change.

I do not know, but Today, it finally hit me, dawned on me, revealed itself to me, what life is all about. Most live and never even think about it, but those of us who do, there is much, much more on the horizon.

Imagine the time and effort dedicated to the sole purpose of writing, rewriting, updating, tweaking, twisting and turning my mission statement trying to get here and finally arriving.

Change Agent, Life Coach, HEALED AND HEALING. I am healed and I am still healing.

My trekking Gear, I thank you my Sherpas and I work to be as good as they have been to me.

The mission of your inner

To be a good example of what can be achieved with very limited resources, a minority compelled to leave their own hometown to seek better opportunities; you can build a thriving business anywhere. That is how thriving communities are created, without; communities go down.

Envision a network of websites brought together to create a voice more powerful than could be realized in any local community.

Read and write, sharing experiences, learning, growing and earning from our passions.

Have a farm/refuge connecting with the healing powers of Mother Nature and like-minded individuals.

One good truth: JOBs, why look for another dead end job when you really did not want the first? 

My Positive Predictions 2010

You Must Be The Change

your inner voice,,,Art Thomas

Recently, I participated in a Motivational course. The very first homework assignment was to write a mission statement, of which I would like to share with you. I see my self as a "Drop in a Bucket". Never underestimate the effects one drop has on the entire bucket.

My first lesson: Your mission statement is constantly changing.  

Second lesson: Anticipate your bucket getting a hole and evaporation. Being cognizant of where you have been and where you will go.

To find peace within, using my heart to guide my dreams and desires, and my mind to pursue knowledge by staying connected to my inner voice.

Mission Rules & Actions:

  • Learn from the bottom, as well as the top, being prepared is my future.
  • Viewing my core values, not as restraining, but as a framework, a means of identifying, pursuing, and achieving my mission in life.
  • Be love, seek happiness, and add value to living.  
  • Maintain good health.   

Mission summation: Be healthier, live a better quality of life, with freedom to learn and grow my entire life, the ultimate goal being happiness. "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" For All.

(((your inner by Art Thomas

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