Your mama just died!

Alice Ross

I don’t even have a picture or know her birthday? Anyway, my mantle is getting kind of crowded.

At 3:17am, Sunday, 22 May 2011, my brother from which I hadn't heard since 2006, called to tell me. He said, your mama just passed.

So, while I was soundly sleeping, my moma made her transition. Isn't that beautiful!

With all my spiritual preparation, none prepared me for this. The womb through which I and my brothers have passed, is now gone - 8 boys and no girls. Like child birth, You know you are going through something, you just do not know what it is?

At first it was a heavy burden, I just had to get it off. For a minute, I did not know which direction to turn and in every direction, the doors were locked. I even thought on my Grandma Bertha.

My respect. Now, I sit here steady typing, because like the love we shared, no other will understand. Even though the years may have taken you in different direction, mom is one person you never want to say goodbye too.

It has come to me that some of you may want to know, so you may quietly share in this celebration in prayer. I invite you and Thank you for all your support.

I am not looking for any pity or smypathy, so just like before, Go ahead and do what you got to do.

In my life, where there was this flower, a new one is about to grow and she continues to live through me!

Alice Elizabeth Goddard Ross, from her very humble beginnings June 30, 1937 to 3:17am, Sunday, 22 May 2011.

People's Funeral Home

Alice Elizabeth Goddard Ross

Mother of eight Ross boys, Daniel(deceased), Arthur, John, Calvin Eugene(deceased), Melvin and Marvin, Charlie, and Lamar. The Ross Brothers


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