A weak country compared to a strong country

For those of you who have lived only in one country, to what the hell do you have to compare?

A weak person as compared to a strong person

Weak is a state of needing help, strong means being in a position to help and at any given time we are in one stage or the other. This is why it is so imperative to work together. Why are not we able to work together?

Too many illusionists and in their struggle to portray themselves as being better than the rest, priorities are screwed up and much is neglected. Scientific evidence, what does it mean to all the evidence before it? Statistics, what does it mean to all the stats before it? You see how we can become so emerged in our own bullshit, we no longer respect the people, land and resources available to us and what was naturally our duties are being neglected.

We can come together and raise all this hell about Donald John Trump being elected president, but we remain divided over more important issues like, racism, gender, poor, health care...

As long as the right white person is behind shit, niggers, both black and white, will follow.

(((your inner voice)))

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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