Abuse Hidden Behind The BADGE!

Officers of the law committing crimes and hiding behind their badges. Real Character???

They portray themselves as caring, law abiding citizens who abstain from crime and corruption. They demonstrate the character traits thought to help make better decisions, gain the trust of the pubic to which they take an oath, sworn in and employed to protect and serve.

However, after dawning a law enforcement uniform, badge and gun, our law enforcement officers show their real selves, revealing the ravenous wolf dressed in sheep's clothing. They distort the truth to the detriment of the very people they're sworn to protect. They advocate for huge budgets alleging lack of technology, fire power and concerned their own safety and security is now at greater risk, but in fact all they're doing is "milking the public dry".

American law enforcement are notorious for this gross form of injustice and abuse. Does policing result in more policing? Does policing result in more crime and corruption?

If you look at our stats, the answer is an unequivocal yes. This means we're shooting ourselves in the foot under our current system of justice. As American domestic crime escalates out of control, the demand for more law enforcement rises accordingly. The question is, Where does it stop, When do we reach our desired result and Why haven't we reached it by this great date?

You have law enforcement officers, law makers and you have “the rest of us”. Keep in mind the two exist for the safety and security of the rest of us. Now, I’m writing about this because it doesn’t actually work this way, but is what we want to believe. The law actually protects the law makers and the law makers decide who are the law breakers.

We want to believe this is the best and the best we can do, even though we know otherwise.

We would like you to believe “the rest of us” are “we the people”, however, in reality we the people is further broken down into many sub-categories of the same nationality of people, most noticeable of which are race, money and power. Why?

It’s done that way to help maintain control, but control of what, people, land and resources. Even further, there is a grand hierarchy within which must be followed. This hierarchy is invisible but everyone knows and strives to be in it. This cleverly instituted hierarchy survives so well because the motivation which propels it is so cleverly implemented.

How does this great travesty continue to exist? We bought into it and raise our children to buy into it.

For example: We would like to believe law enforcement is an honorable profession in America, even though we know nothing could be further from the truth. To take advantage of the system (profit) and to take the heat from ourselves, we support and encourage our youth to seek the same corrupt form of law enforcement . These law enforcement employees are the very pawns used to tear us down.

Lack of character, engaging in crime and corruption, employing less than ethical and moral tactics to intimidate the public, today's law enforcement are no better than the criminals they arrest. In fact,  because they do in under law enforcement, they are more corrupt, doing more hurting than helping- devouring the flock!

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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