African-Americans focus on strategies for more generational wealth

This addresses neglect, and self-destruction within. Some smart person somewhere said this as a justification why so few Blacks are able to accumulate wealth and recommended the passing on of generational wealth as a plausible solution.

What comes first, the money or what you must do to get money? Have you ever been in a nice predominantly Black neighborhood? They are all but extinct. Do Blacks take responsibility for creating an atmosphere conducive to working together? Do we make our communities pleasing, pleasant to the eye, warm and friendly with curb-appeal? Generally, not, we live in places lacking maintenance, but walk past daily like we do not see the need and do not care. Why are our communities more harsh and difficult to live in, unfriendly and unwelcoming toward people? There are poverty stricken Black communities, which wealthy Black people avoid like a plague, other than to do their dirt.

There are no outside incentives and financial help is severely skewed when living in a Black community. Why must you have an incentive to maintain a healthy, vibrant community, this should be a natural instinct.

Our elders started with nice, healthy, vibrant communities and as passed them on to the next generation, however they became progressively worse. The movement towards integration was also a hindrance to prosperity because we began to devalue our own traditions.

The reason for this neglect and destruction is due mainly to the loss of our value system and the notion of the grass being greener on the other side, “across the tracks”. Even some have been fooled into receiving favor for turning on each other, destroying our communities, because the powers to be have identified our areas as prime property for their personal business interests and profits. For some reason, our society does not embrace homesteading and anything which does not help them profit.

Life, liberty and the ownership of property do not exist for some, because men have made laws to meet their personal desires. We allowed predators to further infiltrate our communities, offering products and services which were more harmful but profitable, than helpful and sustainable.

Even though, I am not a Bible thumper, “God bless the child who has his own.” Mother Nature has provided everything we need, we just have to learn how to share it, instead of exploiting it. If you are expecting someone to leave material wealth, you may want to further study the way Americans do business, which seems to be leading the world. Why would you want someone to leave you something they do not even own and the people possessing it before them, were their slave masters, who took it by force from the indigenous people of this land?

If you did come across a windfall, we have proven, this would only assist in further division and poverty, for we have proven we would not have it long, wrong priorities and this would not necessarily be your fault. We overlook being a striving community and good neighbors, probably because we are too tired after working exploitation. When it is known someone, in our community has gained wealth, the rest of us are like a pride of lions on a kill.

When we do come upon a windfall, where and on what are we going to spend it? We immediately become arrogant and conspicuous consumers. We forget about our communities and self-absorbed in “how great we are”.

Are our communities deserving? Our elders are reluctant to change and we are we are determined to change, thus a tug-a-war between the young and old.  Black folks do not support Black businesses nor do we attempt to balance our spending habits between the two and this is for a good reason. Black people suffer miserably economically due to lack of community social structure and we blame everyone or everything but self. Take Black History month or MLK day, what do we do? We are somewhere or glued to a television, listening to our “likes” reiterating and celebrating. Why not unite, clean one community, remodel a house, and choose a different HBCU to support or Black business to patronize…? How do we see more value in marching and singing to church, watching a civil rights leader and celebrating, while our leaders exploit this?

Between Africans in Africa and integration in America, Black folk have proven to be “poison” to each other. Crime in our communities is at an all time high, indiscriminant and Black on Black. It is so blatant, Blacks feel more compelled to move away from each other, abandoning our relatives, homes and communities. When we get over there, we start to assimilate; learn it is really worse, not accepted nor include. Now we are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Do you realize how many Black properties are still available for cheap and you know hardly a White is going to move in, until we are gone or so desperate, we literally give our most valued possessions away? Would you want to leave an inheritance to family members like this?

Weddings and funerals, you already know… the funeral or wedding people are going to get as much as they can and right on down the line. We do things to solicit an emotional response and when we fail, “I told you so” and there is no logic upon which to fall back. Nobody wants to clean up the mess made by somebody else and we simply just do not value material possessions like our counterpart.

In many cases where Blacks were passed down something, they took it and started assimilating. They borrowed money and tried to turn the garage into a Burger King, doing hair in the kitchen, drugs in the living room, neglecting their children, relationship problems and cheating in the bedroom. Now, I do not want to be a Bill Cosby, but people just do not value what has been given.

For Blacks to gain wealth, we should together study risk management. Take ownership and responsibility and create an environment conducive to healthy and happy living. Teach ourselves the best business practices to become competitive in all markets and the rest would be history.

What about realizing the knowledge within makes you already rich? All you have to do is have the courage to stay faithful and focused.

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YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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