African Americans to "All" Afrikans

Do African Americans owe Afrikans anything? Do Afrikans owe African Americans anything, here's why? Where's you disaster relief?

From which Afrikan countries are African Americans? Nobody knows or is it they do not want to tell? If you lost a family member to slavery wouldn't you know their names? And even if too many events occurred wouldn't you offer them or welcome back home? Would you negotiate for their release?

Now, most Afrikans say African Americans have done nothing to help them, then why do Africans want to come to America? Further, why would an African in a refuge situation like African Americans be in a position to help fellow Afrikans coming to America?

When you really study the African American and Afrikan situation you will realize a bizarre turn of events. Whichever way or for whatever reasons African Americans were enslaved out of Afrika. That tells me a Human Right violation occurred for African Americans to end up in America and those, mainly Christians, who enslaved African Americans were and still are guilty of committing one of the greatest atrocities, in the history of mankind.

Why is this so important? Not that knowing will help, but it will bring about a positive change.

Shoe on the  other foot… Whether it was 400 years ago or today, had the same human rights violations occurred against Christian Americans, Christian Americans would have never given up on their fellow Americans. There would have been some form of retaliation or rescue, just as we do for other Human Rights violations, the world over. Isn’t that why the likes of Sadan Hussein, Osama Bin Laden... were brought to American justice?

So, why is there no historical record of any Afrikan’s attempt to rescue African Americans and/or any attempts to retaliate against human rights violators and violations occurring during The Transatlantic Slave Trade? Where is your disaster relief?

Had it not been for African Americans, Afrikans would have no reason to come to America, just like with in other people. America could not be what she is today had it not been for “slave labor”. Now, knowing all of that, what have Afrikans, from anywhere in Afrika done to help relieve the pain and suffering of their fellow African Americans? What have the African Diaspora, which works well for Africans coming to America, done for African Americans? Afrikans receive and seek support from Americans, but what have they done for Americans, especially African Americans? Afrikans take advantage of inventions by African Americans, but what have Afrikans done for African Amerians and it goes on and on…

Is that why African Americans believe Afrikans, from Afrika don’t give a shit and even more importantly, African Americans believe Afrikans supported The Transatlantic Slave Trade by providing the slaves?

Afrikans in Afrika, historically have been known for committing and/or supporting “gross human right violations” against their own.

Going back to your roots… you can forget that shit until we start embracing each other. African Americans embrace Afrikans, but Afrikans do not embrace African Americans.

What will it take for us to become one again? Be truthful and take responsibility for your actions. If you're doing something wrong, correct it.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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