Afrikan Army

To Which Army Do I Belong?

Where are the white folk here? From where comes the guns? You can't see'em but they are there.

Why would you need and army? Why do you need an army when they can trick you out of everything?

Where is my dedication, loyalty, patriotism? do I feel connected, some sense of connection am I experiencing? They're on the way somewhere to take care of business and there ain't no white police blocking, denying, telling which bridge the can and cannot cross nor which towns.

So, with which army do I prefer to fight, which army do i fund, which army is fighting for my cause, while i am tired of fighting for the cause of somebody who could care less.

Are gangs the same as armies? then what is the United States Army? Why do they have more sense than the Afrikan Army?

With my scared ass, why do I feel more connected to them than us? Do you reckon they will ever visit the US, like our armies visit them? It's better to take a war than bring one, is that bullshit or what.

What about "Gun Control"? Can we do anything without a gun? What incentive is there to shot your neighbor? Land, religion, who gives a shit? Why are these assholes so bent over on owning shit you never can own?

Why can't you have one, then I have one, why do we all have to squeeze through the eye of the needle at once? Like we all trying to walk thru the same door, FIRST! What kind of fucking plan is that? What does it matter whose first, second, as long as you get through in one piece? We do want to get through in one piece don't we?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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